7 Trending Items Gen Z in UAE Can't Get Enough of in 2023: Embrace the Hype!

In 2023, Gen Z in the UAE are going crazy for these top trending items: sustainable fashion, plant-based foods, NFTs, virtual reality gaming, eco-friendly products, cryptocurrency, smart home devices, and self-care products.

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Trending Items Gen Z

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The youth of today, known as Gen Z, are the trendsetters of our society. With their unique taste and desire for the latest products, it comes as no surprise that their preferences shape the market. This blog highlights seven trending items that Gen Z in the UAE can't get enough of in 2023. Get ready to embrace the hype and discover what's hot among the youth!


1. Sustainable Fashion

Gen Z's passion for sustainability extends to their fashion choices. In 2023, eco-friendly and ethical fashion brands will dominate the UAE market. From recycled materials to organic cotton, clothing brands that prioritize sustainability will be highly sought after.

2. Tech Gadgets


Gen Z is known for its obsession with technology, and in 2023, the UAE will witness the rise of next-level tech gadgets. From cutting-edge smartphones with revolutionary features to augmented reality devices, Gen Z will be at the forefront of embracing these advancements.

3. Vegan Beauty Products

With an increased awareness of environmental issues and animal cruelty, vegan beauty products will take center stage in 2023. Gen Z in the UAE will opt for cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics, skincare, and hair care products, contributing to the booming demand for sustainable and ethical beauty.


4. Streetwear Fashion

Streetwear fashion continues to dominate the Gen Z fashion scene, and its popularity is set to soar even higher in 2023. UAE-based streetwear brands will offer unique and fashionable apparel designed to cater to the Gen Z aesthetic.

5. Plant-Based Foods


Gen Z in the UAE has shown a growing interest in plant-based diets, and this trend will continue to rise in 2023. Vegan restaurants and food delivery services offering a wide range of plant-based options will flourish as the youth embraces a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

6. Mental Health Apps

Mental health is a growing concern among Gen Z, and the demand for digital solutions to support mental well-being will increase. In 2023, mental health apps and platforms will witness significant growth, catering to the needs of UAE's youth.


7. NFT Art

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have taken the art world by storm, and Gen Z in the UAE will actively participate in this booming trend in 2023. The digital art market will witness a surge, creating a new and exciting way for young artists to showcase their talent and for collectors to acquire unique pieces. 

The trends shaping Gen Z's preferences in the UAE reflect their forward-thinking mindset, concern for sustainability, and desire for technological advancements. From sustainable fashion and vegan beauty products to tech gadgets and NFT art, these seven items are set to dominate the Gen Z market in the UAE in 2023. Embrace the hype and stay ahead of the trend!