WATCH 10 VIRAL VIDEOS: From A Policeman's Friendship With Peacock, A Dog Helping Rag Picker To A Woman Objecting Bus Conductor For..

Watch the latest viral videos that are surfing the internet with their unique moments… a policeman‘s friendship with a peacock, a dog is seen helping a rag picker to old men dancing in the local train. Take a look below.

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There’s no limit or a point at which videos or photos from any corner of the world might take the internet by storm. Though it is about kids, senior citizens or animals, netizens will find entertainment in anything, be it serious situations also, internet users make the most of it by creating memes on them. 

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You must not miss out on these latest videos which are going viral on the internet, check them out. 

A Rare Policeman and Peacock’s Friendship


In Hardoi district, Uttar Pradesh a peacock is seen responding to the policeman’s calls and also having food from his hands. The cute friendship has struck many hearts!


A Dog Helping Rag Picker

This viral video is so heartwarming, where a dog has left no stone unturned by helping a woman, pulling her heavy luggage who is also seen carrying a huge bag on her head. 


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Old Men Singing & Dancing On ‘Kaata Laga’


Inside Mumbai Locals various videos go viral and many a time it’s about the coordination and love or fights between the daily travelling people. In this viral video, a few men are singing the famous Bollywood song ‘Kaata Laga’ and other few are dancing their hearts out on it. It’s such a beautiful video that proves age is just a number, which has crossed more than 20 million views on Instagram. 


A Woman Objecting Bus Conductor 

The latest video that is going viral is of a woman objecting to a Muslim bus conductor for wearing a skull cap on his uniform while on duty. In the video, she’s heard saying that he should practice his religion at home or in the mosque, and as a government employee, he should not wear a cap while on duty. And the conductor said to her that he’s wearing it for many years now and no one has objected to him before. 


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An Innocent Mischievous Kid

A cute kid has been caught on camera, in which he is seen standing in a frozen position that looks mischievously naughty and he is looking at the camera as if he has done nothing. This endearing clip is going viral and netizens are comparing it with their various tricky situations and how we secretly maintain our innocence. 


A Komodo Dragon Wears Turtle Shell as Hat

A huge monitor lizard is caught in a video wearing a turtle’s shell on its head after eating it. It is said that they crunch the shell but this dragon chose to wear it in a style. 


Women Bash Each Other In Kolkata Local

In the video that is making rounds on the internet, a group of women are pulling each other’s hair and another woman has lifted a slipper to hit with the same, she also tried hitting a young boy. 

Few netizens compared it with the Mumbai Local's ladies' coach, commenting, “Pro version of Mumbai Locals”.


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A Man Tries to Rob a Salon

The hilarious moment, instead of getting scared the people in the salon chose to ignore and sit calm which made the robber run away and he knew nobody is going to move an inch while he simply walked out. And this cracked up the netizens.


Groom Beaten By Bride’s Family

A video surfacing internet of a man getting married by hiding his baldness with a wig and the bride’s family becomes angry when they find it on the wedding day. 


Men Running In Floods To Save Dog

This viral video in which two men are running to save a dog who is seen swept away by floods will melt your heart. 



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