Post Google Celebrating Pani Puri, We Too Crave For These 7 Tastiest Indian Street Food!

While Google is celebrating India's most lovable street food ‘Pani Puri’, there are other food items we started craving for at the moment and we know you’ll also like them too. Check out.

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Loving it! How Google is celebrating the most loved Indian street food ‘Pani Puri’ by adding a doodle of the snack and also interacting audience with its fun game, where a player is tasked with choosing to match the customer’s choice of flavours with the puri and netizens are very happy to see this.


 Celebrating Pani Puri

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I know nothing can beat Pani Puri but there are several other street foods that definitely waters our mouth as soon as we just hear their names and we cannot run away from it. They’re our go-to street foods that relax our cravings in our budget while also satisfying any soul easily.


Vada Pav

First and foremost, it’s Vada Pav! It can equally give tough to the Pani Puri and it’s a go-to snack at any moment.

 vada pav.png


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No doubt for Samosa too, is one of the go-to and Tastiest street foods.


 Best Punjabi Samosa Recipe | How to make Samosa

Idli Vada

The other most loved food item is Idli/Vada or Dosa which is considered the healthiest and pocket-friendly street snack which can easily fill your tummy and soul!


 Sambhar Vada or Idli Sambhar know which one is more healthy for breakfast.-  सांभर वड़ा या इडली सांभर, दोनों में से किसी एक को चुनना हो तो क्या है  ज्यादा हेल्दी नाश्ता। |

Pav Bhaji

Anytime anywhere pav bhaji, the taste of the spiciest curry full of butter Indian bread pav, garnished with onions and a pinch of lemon makes it the best combination and go-to street snack.


 Easy Pav Bhaji in Cooker | Madhura's Recipe %

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Chole Bhature


Another most loved and famous street food combination is a curry of chickpeas and puri made from wheat.

 Best Chole Bhature Recipe IN 1 Hour!


Its spicy and sweet combination makes it one of the best, if you haven’t tried it yet then do it now. Sure you’ll love it.

 Dabeli recipe | Kacchi dabeli recipe | How to make kacchi dabeli | Dabeli  gujarati recipe - Rumki's Golden Spoon

Misal Pav

Almost similar to pav bhaji but its variety combination of spicy sprouted beans curry with thin gravy served with Indian bread pav and giving it extra tastiest flavour by adding farsan, onion and lemon makes it one of the famous street snacks. It is mostly well-known in the state of Maharashtra. 

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Snack items like Shev Puri, Bhel Puri, Jabeli Faafda, Dahi Puri, Aloo Chaat, Ragda Patties, Masala Dosa, Kachori, Aloo Tikki, Onion Pakoda, Mirchi Bajji, Bread Pakoda, Chinese items, Masala Butta, Chicken Shawarma, Delhi Style Matar Kulcha etc are the other most famous Indian street foods on which we can put our hands on anytime.

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