On Times When Shah Rukh Khan Changed His Appearance For Some Exceptional Roles And Raised The Bar of Versatile Performer!

The bald look of SRK has left the internet in excitement and surprise, while appreciating this let’s look at the time when he changed his appearances for several roles and set the bar higher in Bollywood! Take a look.

New Update
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Not just an update but the long 2 minutes 13 seconds Jawan prevue has finally been released and we SRKians cannot keep calm. As he has donned several captivating looks, in the avatars that we’ve never seen him in before. From a good-looking young boy, and policeman to a cunning bald man his characters’ glimpses are strikingly awesome. 


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Here taking you down memory lane when King Khan amazed us with his appearance for his different roles on the silver screen and raised the bar of versatility by enthralling us with his performances. 

SRK as Bauua Singh in Zero


In Aanand L Rai’s directorial, SRK as Bauua Singh is a vertically challenged man full of charm, wit and a pinch of arrogance. We weren’t ready to get thrilled with the appearance of him as a short man and he has nailed it to an extent! 


SRK in Jawan


In the latest prevue release, the last part was very astounding as we witnessed King Khan in a bald man avatar that we’ve never seen him in before which took the internet by storm. He looks cunningly scary and that’s bewitching. Making us stand on our toes for the release of the film. 

 srk in jawan.png

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SRK as in Ra.One

It was a big treat for our SRKians to watch our superhuman opting for a superhero role in the film. No doubt ever that the King of Bollywood has raised the bar by getting in the shoes of who went on to become our favourite superhero in the Indian cinema. Also, the film’s VFX was ahead of its time which can never be matched even today.

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SRK as Gaurav Chandna in Fan

It wasn’t easy as cake-making Shah Rukh Khan turning into a 25-year-old guy, as VFX wasn’t just enough for it. Many makeup artists all across the globe failed to do so until Greg came into the picture even though this was his first time something to do like this in the history of his nine Academy Awards nominations career and won it thrice.

And SRK amazed us with this young look which happens to be one of the best performances in his acting career. 


SRK as Gaurav Chandna in Fan.png

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SRK as Veer Pratap Singh in Veer-Zaara


Shah Rukh Khan's romancing is a delightful feeling for us and the moment he turned into a 60-year-old man was surprisingly superb. The only time when we saw him in an aged look and the actor felt it was a difficult role for him but he finely nailed it without any doubt, which stays immortal even today. 

 SRK as Veer Pratap Singh in Veer-Zaara.png

SRK as Pathaan in Pathaan

The long hair SRK is what we waited for when we saw him in Don 2 and it fulfilled when Pathaan was released which made us fall for him harder. He was great as a rugged RAW agent which went on to become the highest-grossing Hindi film.

 SRK as Pathaan in Pathaan.png

SRK as Mark Donald (aka Don) in Don 2

The hairstyle of braids at the front and a pony behind and witnessing SRK in a don attitude is in itself a huge celebration for us. As he was too good in the look which is beyond comparing.

 SRK as Mark Donald (aka Don) in Don 2.png

Aha, what a man! You give him any appearance and he will look the best in it by enchanting us with his brilliant acting skills. The actor’s dedication towards craft is matchless, he beat with his hard work by giving all his keen time.

Now we cannot wait for 7 September 2023 and watch Shah Rukh Khan creating another historic ablaze in theatres. 

The King Khan for you’ll!

Morocco's love overwhelms Shah Rukh Khan

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