‘Our film industry is a true representation of India’s beautiful diversity!’: Vicky Kaushal

As Bollywood star Vicky Kaushal’s upcoming film 'The Great Indian Family' (TGIF) is all set to hit theatres, the actor talks on, "Our film industry is a true representation of India’s beautiful diversity!" Read on.

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Bollywood star Vicky Kaushal’s upcoming theatrical release is a total family entertainer, The Great Indian Family (TGIF). The film is a celebration of India’s unity in diversity and how the people of this country are bound by the bond of brotherhood and inclusivity.


India is a country where several religions, castes and tribes live harmoniously and TGIF salutes this spirit of togetherness. The film will show how this is our nation’s biggest strength. ALSO READ: 5 Reasons To Watch The Joyous Ride Of ‘The Great Indian Family’ Led By Vicky Kaushal & Manushi Chhillar

For Vicky, the Indian film industry is a...

representation of how beautiful India’s plurality is. He says, “Our film industry is a true representation of India’s beautiful diversity. Here you will see people from various backgrounds make a living in our industry through sheer talent and work ethic.”


He adds, “I’m very proud of this very diversity where when we are on set, we are all one unit working towards the end goal that is making a film/project we are all very happy and proud of. Our film industry is a microcosm of what India is and I’m just fortunate to be a part of it.” ALSO READ: Ganesh Chaturthi Special: The Cinematic Magic Of Why Bappa Is Close To Every Kid Out There!

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Produced by Yash Raj Films, The Great Indian Family, directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, is set to release on September 22nd.




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