Shami and Sheetal Devi shine at National Sports Awards 2023: A celebration of dedication and talent

The National Sports Awards 2023 witnessed the shining performances of Shami and Sheetal Devi as they were recognized for their hard work and talent, establishing a celebration of dedication and talent.

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National Sports Awards 2023

Image Credits: National Sports Awards 2023

The year 2023 will forever be etched in the history of Indian sports as a year of exceptional achievements and celebrations. In a much-awaited event, the National Sports Awards were held recently, honoring the best in the field of sports. This year's awards ceremony witnessed the crowning of two exceptional athletes, Mohammed Shami and Sheetal Devi, who stood out among their peers with their unwavering dedication and unmatched talent. Shami and Sheetal's recognition at the prestigious awards ceremony is a testament to their hard work, commitment, and determination, serving as an inspiration for budding athletes across the nation.


Mohammed Shami, the Indian cricket team's pace spearhead, was honored with the coveted Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award, the highest sporting honor in the country. Shami's stellar performances on the field have made him a household name and an integral part of the Indian cricket team. The 30-year-old pacer from Uttar Pradesh has been a consistent performer for India and has played a crucial role in the team's success in both ODI and test formats.

Shami's prowess with the ball has been commendable, with his ability to generate pace and movement. His remarkable spell of 5/69 against England in the recent test series is a testament to his skills and fitness. Shami's success on the field is a result of his rigorous training, discipline, and dedication to the sport. Despite facing several injuries, including a career-threatening one, Shami never lost faith in his abilities and always bounced back stronger. His relentless pursuit of excellence and ability to perform under pressure have made him one of the best fast bowlers in the world.

The other shining star of the awards ceremony was Sheetal Devi, the 27-year-old wrestler from Haryana, who bagged the Arjuna Award. Sheetal's journey to the top has not been an easy one, with numerous obstacles and struggles along the way. Hailing from a humble background, Sheetal's passion for wrestling overcame all hurdles, and she rose to become one of the best in her sport. Her talent and hard work have earned her several accolades, including a gold medal at the 2019 South Asian Games. The Arjuna Award is a fitting recognition of Sheetal's achievements and a testament to her perseverance and dedication to her sport.


The 2023 National Sports Awards ceremony has been a celebration of not just Shami and Sheetal's achievements but also of the spirit of sportsmanship and determination. The event was graced by the presence of several distinguished personalities, including the Hon'ble Prime Minister, who congratulated and encouraged the awardees in their future endeavors. The awards function also paid tribute to the sporting legends, whose untiring efforts have put India on the global sporting map.

But beyond the glitz and glamour of the event, what stands out is the hard work, sacrifice, and unrelenting dedication of these athletes who have made the nation proud with their achievements. Their journey is a testament to the fact that with persistence, passion, and hard work, one can overcome any obstacle and reach the pinnacle of success.

The 2023 National Sports Awards ceremony has not only recognized and honored the exemplary performances of Shami and Sheetal but has also motivated the younger generation to strive for excellence in sports. These two athletes have set a high bar for others to follow, and their stories will serve as an inspiration for generations to come. The nation hopes that their achievements will not only propel them to greater heights but also inspire many more talented individuals to come forward and make their mark in the glorious world of sports.

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