Mixed Reactions Emerge as Saba Azad Sings and Dances on Lakme Fashion's Ramp, Catching Hrithik Roshan's Lady Love in the Spotlight

Saba Azad's performance on Lakme Fashion's ramp, where she sang and danced, has sparked mixed reactions. The highlight was catching Hrithik Roshan's girlfriend in the spotlight, causing a stir in the industry.

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Lakme Fashion's Ramp

Image Credits: Lakme Fashion's Ramp

Lakme Fashion Week has always been known for its exceptional blend of fashion and entertainment. However, one particular event during the recent fashion extravaganza caught everyone's attention. Singer and actress Saba Azad took to the ramp, adding a new dimension to the show as she mesmerized the audience with her powerful voice and captivating dance moves. As the spotlight shone on her, it also briefly captured the attention of Hrithik Roshan's rumored love interest, eliciting vehement reactions from all corners.


A Bold Move

Saba Azad's performance on Lakme Fashion's ramp was undeniably a bold move. Breaking away from the traditional runway routines, she showcased her talent by combining her singing and dancing skills, creating an unforgettable experience for the audience. The fusion of fashion, music, and dance brought an electrifying atmosphere to the show, leaving many in awe of her versatility.

Mixed Reactions


As with any unconventional move, Saba Azad's performance received mixed reactions from the fashion world and fans alike. Some applauded her for pushing boundaries and bringing something fresh to the runway. They praised her confidence, talent, and the seamless integration of musical and dance elements, asserting that her performance added an extra layer of thrill to the show. On the other hand, some criticized this departure from the conventional runway format. They argued that, as a fashion show, the primary focus should have been on the designer's creations, rather than on an individual performer. Some even questioned the appropriateness of bringing a singer and dancer to steal the limelight from the clothing collection.

Caught in the Spotlight

What made Saba Azad's performance all the more intriguing was the brief glimpse of Hrithik Roshan's rumored love interest in the audience. As the spotlight shifted to capture her reaction, speculation and curiosity intensified. The presence of a Bollywood star in the crowd added another layer of excitement, drawing even more attention to Saba Azad's performance. 


Saba Azad's unconventional act of singing and dancing on Lakme Fashion's ramp undoubtedly sparked a wave of mixed reactions. While some appreciated the uniqueness and dynamism she brought to the runway, others questioned the deviation from the traditional fashion show format. Moreover, the unexpected presence of Hrithik Roshan's alleged love interest added further intrigue to the performance. Ultimately, Saba Azad's performance served as a reminder of the ongoing evolution and experimentation within the fashion industry, bringing forth delight and debate in equal measure.

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