All The Plus Size in Lakme Fashion Week 2022

Lakme Fashion Week 2022: aLL The Plus Size models killing it on the runway yet again this year!

Lakme Fashion Week is all about acceptance. No matter who you are, what size are you the runway will always welcome you with open arms.

All The Plus Size in Lakme Fashion Week 2022
Plus-size models walking on the runway for Lakme Fashion Week 2022

This year, some of the plus-size models graced their presence on the runway by representing the brand ‘all: The Plus Size’ clothing line.

‘aLL: A Little Larger’ is a fashion clothing brand that celebrates beauty beyond size with an exquisite collection dedicated to providing apparel and accessories for Plus size Clothing for Men/Women. Being the 1st Indian brand to enter this category, aLL: The Plus Size Store caters to a niche segment and gives one every reason to be what they are and the freedom to choose what they want to be.

We got in touch with them for a one-on-one to find out more about their brand motives, being a part of Lakme Fashion Week and more.

Sayuri from ‘Memoirs of the Geisha’ was my inspiration, Rajdeep Ranawat for this year’s Lakme Fashion Week ’22

When you brought in this whole concept of creating a clothing line for plus-size models in public, what kind of reactions did you get?

aLL: The Plus Size Store caters to a specific demographic and gives everyone a reason to be themselves. The audience praised the efforts and expressed strong support for them. Since our inception in 2005, the brand has grown significantly and has become increasingly popular among the Indian masses. As the only Indian plus-size brand, we have created a platform that allows everyone to be whoever they want to be. 

Fashion design has always been about designing pieces for zero-figure models. How did you manage to break the stereotype and come up with clothes for plus-size models?

Fashion is no longer limited to only zero figures. Everybody type deserves to flaunt who they are and get the chance to express themselves. We believe that with the right fit and proper help it is absolutely possible to bring out the best in everyone. 

How does it feel for a fact that finally there is acceptance for plus-size models too on the runway?

aLL stands for fashion being for everyone and we still stand true to those words today. I feel proud and overjoyed to see plus-size models embracing their true selves and absolutely smashing them on the runway. The boldness and confidence shine through and it shows how far we have come when it comes to accepting plus-size models. Ashutosh Sharma, one of the first plus-size models in India with hearing and speech impairments was one of the models for the show. The inclusivity and boldness in the show made it stand out on all levels. 

Lakme Fashion Week 2022: “The way Payal worked on the ‘Java’ collection actually accentuated and complimented that really brought out features of our brand”, Bemberg on this year’s collaboration


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