Unveiling Suzy's Iconic Badass Fashion in 'Doona!': A Style Breakdown

Discover Suzy's fashion journey in 'Doona!' as each look, from edgy elegance to laidback chic, tells a unique story. The seamless blend of luxury and streetwear in her ensembles redefines K-drama fashion, making 'Doona!' a visual and sartorial triumph.

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 Badass Fashion in 'Doona!'.

Badass Fashion in 'Doona!'.

Netflix's latest series, 'Doona!', introduced viewers to the effortlessly stylish Lee Doo-Na, portrayed by Suzy, in a remarkable fusion of romance and street style. Suzy's character, a retired K-Pop celebrity leading a low-profile life, emerges as a fashion icon, blending various styles with finesse.



  1. Effortless Chic


Suzy stuns in an ivory one-shoulder tee paired with vintage brown checkered sweatpants. A Gucci crystal hair clip adds a touch of glam.


  1. Edgy Elegance

Black and pink blend seamlessly in a cropped cardigan and floral mini dress, elevated by Dr. Martens boots, a MISCHIEF ball cap, and ILLE LAN pendulum cross earrings.



  1. Trendy Laidback


A green loose-fit check shirt bolero over an ivory bustier tube top creates a laidback yet trendy vibe.


  1.  Dainty Florals


Suzy exudes charm in a baby blue floral jacquard cardigan paired with a grey lace bra top for a dainty look.


  1.  Summer Freshness

A flower pattern frill mini dress, Palm Angels sneakers, and an OFF-WHITE pink burrow leather shoulder bag define a fresh summer ensemble.


  1. Subtle Versatility

Suzy embraces versatility in a butterfly print long-sleeve top from Sugar Thrillz, promising charm with sweatpants or jeans.


  1. Cargo Chic

Beige cargo overalls from INSTANTFUNK, a black daisy necklace from TWENTYONEAUGUST, and a pearl mini bag from L.E.E.Y showcase stunning cargo chic.


  1.  Timeless Elegance

A black puff mini dress from ZEROPLANET, paired with LOEWE leather rose-heel sandals and a Bulgari Serpenti Forever mini bag, exudes timeless elegance.


  1.  Dance-ready Streetwear

Suzy rocks a black compass midnight crossword wrestle-back top and heart archive sweatpants with Air Jordan “Panda” sneakers, epitomizing dance-ready streetwear.


  1. Effortless Streetwear


Khaki trench-style belted long coat, RICK OWENS x Dr. Martens lace-up boots, and a red LOEWE 'Hammock' shoulder bag showcase effortless streetwear.


  1.  Pretty in Pink

Suzy dazzles in a pink tweed crop jacket and mini skirt from JOY GRYSON, completing a head-to-toe pink ensemble.

Suzy's portrayal of Lee Doo-Na in 'Doona!' not only captures hearts with its romantic storyline but also leaves a lasting impact on the fashion scene, showcasing a versatile and iconic wardrobe that seamlessly blends chic, elegance, and street style. 

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