Han Hae-Na Iconic Fashion Inspo from A Good Day To Be A Dog!

Explore the enchanting world of K-drama's 'A Good Day To Be A Dog' through Han Hae-Na's wardrobe making every episode a feast for fashion fans.

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Han Hae-Na Iconic Fashion Inspo from A Good Day To Be A Dog

Han Hae-Na Iconic Fashion Inspo from A Good Day To Be A Dog

In the whimsical world of 'A Good Day To Be A Dog,' the lead character Han Hae-Na, portrayed by the stylish Park Gyu-Young, brings not only a unique storyline but also a captivating fashion sense. Let's dive into the first two episodes and explore the iconic fashion moments that have left viewers eagerly anticipating each new ensemble.

  1.  Jacquard Elegance

Gyu-Young kicks off the series in a jacquard wool mini dress paired with a chic cardigan from INSTANTFUNK, setting the fashion bar high from the start.



  1. Cable Knit Charm


Han Hae-Na stuns in a cable knit cardigan from LENINA, proving that cozy can also be incredibly cute in the world of K-drama fashion.


  1.  Casual Floral Elegance

Gyu-Young effortlessly nails a casually cute look featuring the stylish Thursday Island flower cardigan, showcasing her versatility in fashion choices.



  1. Captivating Pleats and Ribbons



The VITALSIGN flower pleats ribbon blouse steals the spotlight, proving to be a piece that captures the gaze and adds a touch of enchantment to the series.


  1. Jacquard Marvel

In episode 2, Gyu-Young graces the screen in a stunning flower jacquard cardigan from Thursday Island, paired with a Coco bag from STAND OIL, creating a highly stylish appearance.


  1.  Cuteness Overload

Han Hae-Na's adorable looks in this scene owe credit to the charming Cider flowering field sweater, demonstrating her ability to balance cuteness and style effortlessly.


  1. Bouclé-Knit Bliss

Gyu-Young radiates cuteness in an adorable Bianca bouclé-knit cardigan from Ba&Sh, showcasing yet another facet of her character's charming style.

As 'A Good Day To Be A Dog' unfolds, Han Hae-Na's fashion choices continue to be a delightful highlight, adding an extra layer of charm to this already enchanting K-drama. Viewers can't help but be captivated not just by the magical storyline but also by the spellbinding fashion journey curated by the talented Park Gyu-Young.


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