Manushi Chhillar to Make Her London Fashion Week Debut in Rocky Star

"It's a chance to proudly represent India": Manushi Chhillar on Gearing Up For her London Fashion Week Debut.

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Manushi Chhillar, the former Miss World and Bollywood actress is gearing up for her much-anticipated debut at London Fashion Week 2023. She will be strutting down the runway in creations by the renowned designer Rocky Star. With her impeccable fashion sense, Manushi consistently reshapes the couture landscape, making her presence an unforgettable moment on any runway. 


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Manushi Chhillar said:

"I'm thrilled about my debut at London Fashion Week 2023. It's a chance to proudly represent India and its remarkable fashion heritage on a global platform."


Manushi Chhillar is not just a fashion icon because of her trendsetting style; she is also recognized for her active involvement in charity fashion events. She has lent her support to various causes by participating in multiple fashion walks, using her influence to raise awareness and make a positive impact.


Notable among these charity fashion events is her remarkable walk at Manipur Fashion Extravaganza 2022, where she showcased an ensemble inspired by the rich culture and heritage of Manipur. Additionally, she left a lasting impression at Nepal Fashion Week 2022, gracing the runway in a stunning white lehenga. ALSO READ: Pan-Indian Cinemas Do Not Only Include South Indian Cinema!

Beyond the glamorous world of fashion, Manushi Chhillar is all set to shine in the film industry. She is slated to share the screen with the talented Vicky Kaushal in the upcoming Yash Raj Films production, The Great Indian Family. Furthermore, audiences can look forward to her appearances in Operation Valentine and Tehran, solidifying her position as a multi-talented artist in the entertainment world.


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