Time When Gulzar Saab Shared Why He Doesn’t Intend To Return To Films

Bollywood: Happy Birthday, Gulzar Saab: The G.O.A.T., the man who doesn’t need an introduction and his work talks! The lyricist once also directed several films and on this day, let’s reminisce why he doesn’t want to return to the films.

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Gulzar born Sampooran Singh Kalra is known for his work in the Hindi film industry, he is a lyricist, poet, author, screenwriter, and film director and is called to be one of the greatest Urdu poets of his era. Today marking his birthday, let's reminisce about the time when he shared why he doesn’t want to return to films. 


Gulzar Saab has directed several films like Mere Apne, Parichay, Koshish, Achanak, Aandhi, Khushboo, The Season, Kinara, Kitaab, Meera, Angora, Namkeen, Permission, Libaas, Lekin…, Maachis and his last directorial was Hu Tu Tu. 

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Also, he has given screenplays, stories and dialogues to many films in Hindi cinema which are loved a lot. Now, when he is focusing on penning books and writing for children, Gulzar Ji shared there is no need for him to return to film direction as the new generation is making movies “more cinematic” and better than him.


Here's Why Gulzar Doesn’t Intend To Return To Films

In an old interaction during the trailer launch of Goopi Gawaiya Bagha Bajaiya is an animated film directed by Ranade. He said, “I don’t need to return to films because the ones who are walking ahead of me, whose fingers I am holding, they are Shilpa Ranade, Meghna Gulzar and Vishal Bhardwaj. They are making good films, Vishal has made a film on children, and Meghna had made films on relevant topics too.”

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Further added, “Let me sit back. They are making films which are better than me, cinematically. I might’ve had some thoughts earlier in my films but they weren’t so cinematic and good as these films are now, made by this generation. I think they are much ahead of me, I can’t pace off that fast."

Speaking ahead on he rather want to be the carrier of good literature from one generation to the other. “This story was written in 1915 and nearly 103 years have passed by and it has come down here. So I want to keep flowing the culture of our country and make it reach you all. You pick it up and then take it forward because my turn has gone.”


And concluded by saying, “Film is not the only medium to work for children. There are so many others and all have to be looked after. Animation is a very big medium where you can make wonderful, meaningful and entertaining films.”

Here’s wishing the G.O.A.T. a very

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Happy Birthday Gulzar Ji! ♡





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