Johnny Lever: An Inspiring King Of Clean Comedy In The World Of Roast Laughter!

Happy Birthday, Johnny Lever: Bollywood and the whole nation is proud of your comedy that brings every generation together to laugh out loud. Let’s have a look at his clean comedy that inspires current comedians who are more into roasting others.

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We can happily mention that our childhood entertainment period was simply amazing with Johnny Lever on-screen and growing up watching him. Also, it feels so good, special and proud to be existing in the era where we have a prominent talented star like him.


For the unversed, Johnny Lever was born John Prakash Rao Janumala on 14 August 1957 into a Telugu-speaking family and initially started as a stand-up comedian. That rose him to be a pioneer of the stand-up comedy industry, it is so great to know. And through his stage performances, he was later noticed by several filmmakers and actors by giving him a chance to work in cinema. And rest is the history! He became one of the greatest comedians of all time in Indian cinema. 

Long Before Netflix Specials, Johny Lever Did A Stand-Up In America

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And in the current time, against the backdrop of all the other comedians where we find ourselves only faced with comedy which is heavily, heavily about roasting something, roasting someone or making sexual innuendos. But Johnny Lever is the one who has always bought clean comedy into the picture that can be inspiring and a lesson for many out there. 

The man who defines how comedy can be showcased in a clean way too that are proven in the several movies that he has been cast in and also sometimes made us laugh just through his expressions too which is very hard to be done. But he always proves us wrong and kept winning our hearts. 

This dwarf avatar of Johnny Lever will leave you speechless


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Also, we aren’t underrating those comedians who roast and win laughter. Yes, that is also comedy and a lot of hard work is put in but somewhere clean comedy is very important. One where you aren’t deliberately roasting or undermining someone. Not always following this same routine, someday one should perform clean comedy too and we’ve several inspirations to do so.

And one is our very own Johnny Lever, on his birthday, let us have an amusing time while looking at his best comedy scenes!




Here's wishing our ever-astounding comedy star

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Happy Birthday, Mr Johnny Lever! ☆




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