Salman Khan Says Tiger 3 Is A Gift To His Fans To Mark His 35 Years!

‘I love being the larger-than-life action star!’ Bollywood's one of the biggest superstars Salman Khan says YRF’s Tiger 3 is a gift to his fans to mark his 35 years in cinema.

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One of the biggest superstars to have ever graced the big screen, Salman Khan, is excited to celebrate his 35 years in cinema with Tiger 3 which has been produced by Aditya Chopra’s Yash Raj Films.


Salman says, “People who have loved me since my debut, made me realise on social media that I have completed 35 years in cinema! It is a very special moment for me, filled with nostalgia, love, so much joy and also the pain when things didn’t go as per plan. But I have loved every minute of my journey in the Hindi film industry.” 

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He adds, “I’m glad to celebrate this personal milestone with the release of Tiger 3! I know that my fans love to see me doing action and I hope Tiger 3 is the perfect gift that they have been waiting for!” 


Salman is elated with the response that the first video asset, Tiger Ka Message from Tiger 3, is getting from audiences worldwide.

Yash Raj Films released Tiger Ka Message last week, a video that is a precursor to the trailer of Tiger 3, and it was an instant blockbuster on the internet!

YRF tries to push the envelope when it comes to marketing of its films and for Tiger Ka Message, the company allowed people to post the video on their Instagram pages for maximum reach of the asset - a move that has never happened in the industry. By doing this, the potential reach of the Tiger 3 asset stands at 700 million which is why it broke the internet across several countries!


Catch the video here:

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Salman Khan is back to reprise his much-loved role as super agent Tiger aka Avinash Singh Rathore in Yash Raj Films’ Tiger 3. The megastar of Indian cinema says he loves being the larger-than-life hero in films.

Salman says, “I love the action genre, I love being the larger-than-life action star. It’s fun! I love doing big action spectacles and Tiger 3 is as big as it can get. The story of the film is something that I loved a lot and I’m certain that we will catch everyone by surprise with it.”

Tiger 3, directed by YRF’s homegrown film-maker Maneesh Sharma, is set to release on the big Diwali holiday window this year!


In Tiger Ka Message, it was revealed that Salman aka Tiger is in peril after being framed as Enemy Number 1 of India. This video sets up the plot of the film that will show how Tiger goes on a life-threatening mission to hunt down his enemies in this vengeful action entertainer. Tiger wants to clear his name for his country, for his family and he won’t stop at nothing!




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