Reliving the Legacy of Singham 1 & 2, Anticipating ‘Singham Again’ With The Fierce Brilliance Of Lady Singham, Deepika Padukone!

Bollywood: As a spine-chilling glimpse of Deepika Padukone donning a cop avatar is out, leaving the internet in a frenzy. Let us reminisce Rohit Shetty’s cop universe saga of Singham parts 1 & 2 by sharing our excitement for the third instalment. Read on

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In the vast tapestry of Bollywood, the various stories that exist transcend mere entertainment by becoming legends of the cinematic world through their epic characters, etching forever into the collective memory of audiences. One such universe created by Rohit Shetty stands tall, the ‘Singham’ world and its cornerstone is the iconic character, Bajirao Singham. With two back-to-back power-packed blockbusters, the filmmaker is returning back with its third instalment after almost a decade and there’s nothing more that highly anticipates us. 


As we got a spine-chilling first glimpse ever from the threequel, of none other than Bollywood queen Deepika Padukone joining the cop universe saga and getting into the shoes of a police avatar as‘Lady Singham’ named Shakti Shetty. Unveiled on the occasion of Goddess Maa Durga’s Navratri festival's day one, defining the actress role as, “NAARI SITA KA BHI ROOP HAI AUR DURGA KA BHI…!!!” Taking centre stage with the flash of evil laugh is truly rip-roaring and leaves us in a frenzy.

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While we await for ‘Singham Again’ to be more massive than ever, let us reminisce about the thrilling legacy set by ‘Singham’ and ‘Singham Returns’ that excites us for part 3 and DP’s heroic avatar. 


A Glimpse into the Past: Singham & Singham Returns

The saga began in 2011 through Rohit Shetty’s powerful start of Cop Universe in Bollywood with ‘Singham’. A film that not only introduced us to the definition of the genre but also redefined the essence of cinematic heroism, where Ajay Devgn breathed life into the character of Bajirao Singham - a valiant police officer in the city of Goa. With his righteous fury and unyielding determination, swiftly became an icon, not just as a reel character but as a symbol of hope and integrity. The film's narrative was peppered with electrifying action sequences and heartfelt moments that captured the essence of Shetty’s cinematic brilliance, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers. 

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Three years later, in 2014, the cop universe expanded with ‘Singham Returns’ in a dynamic comeback. This time in the bustling city of Mumbai, Singham continued his battle against corruption as an Assistant Commissioner of Police becoming a beacon of hope for a nation yearning for justice. And the stakes were higher, the challenges more formidable, and the action, even more, pulse-pounding. The sequel not only reinforced the iconic character’s indomitable spirit but also showcased the evolution of Shetty’s storytelling, proving that a good cop drama could be both thrilling and emotionally resonant.

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Anticipation Reaches New Heights: Singham Again (Singham 3)

And now our anticipation reaches new heights, as the Singham universe is coming back after almost a decade that too with a touch of woman power taking the centre stage equally leading along Mr Bajirao. The Lady Singham is none other than Deepika Padukone! The makers unveiled the lady cop way before everything else from the movie on the occasion of Navratri festive, where devotees worship the supreme Goddess Maa Durga and her glimpse is equally powerful and menacing. That evil laughter, the hus hair, blood running through her veins, holding a man by pointing a gun in his mouth, giving us a rip-roaring and extremely amazing feeling!


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We will witness our iconic Bajirao Singham back in a terrifying avatar but we also cannot wait for DP, as she’s coming up in a never-seen-before avatar screaming out the fierce brilliance of her like Bollywood has never eyewitness ever. Leaving behind male actors’ power of heroism and proving females can be the true icon of cinematic heroism too including massy vibes. However, most recently we have seen Padukone performing massive and striking action sequences in ‘Pathaan’ and ‘Jawan’ that left an unfading mark. And her filmography is proof that she can ace any and every role with her undeniable charismatic on-screen persona. 


We have seen various police avatars donned by Shefali Shah, Priyanka Chopra, Rani Mukerji, Yami Gautham, etc but what Rohit Shetty’s world offers with Deepika will be completely new and electrifying.

So, let the countdown begin, and we, the audience, stand united, ready to witness the triumphant return with 'Singham Again' with more heart-stopping moments that will echo in our hearts, long after the credits roll.





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