Stay Cool and Healthy this Summer by Avoiding These 5 Foods

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In the heat, watching your nutrition is crucial. If not, the extreme weather can endanger your health. Be sure to stay away from these 5 Food to maintain your fitness and health.

Tea And Coffee


If you continue to drink these caffeinated beverages, you should expect to have heartburn, headaches, weakened immunity, disrupted sleep, and an increase in stress-related problems. Limit your consumption.

Excess Salt

Too much sodium or salt is unhealthy in any season. Yet it can also lead to water retention, bloating, and edoema, especially in the summer.



Overeating pickles has been connected to issues with the liver, kidneys, and high blood pressure. They could also result in digestive problems.

Fried and Jung Foods


They are occasionally fine. However, routinely ingesting them could cause dehydration. Reduced bodily water content may result in bloating and constipation.

Certain Spices

Capsaicin, a component of peppers and other spices, has the potential to affect pitta dosha, which raises body temperature and can cause perspiration, boils on the skin, dehydration, and illness.

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