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Unpaused 2 Review – Eye-Popping Anthology On COVID-19 Lockdown Experiences

Sequel to the last year’s intriguing tale of COVID-19 lockdown, the Amazon Prime’s Unpaused 2 explores more stories and focuses on how the deadly virus affected the different section of society.

No one saw it coming but once arrived, the COVID-19 virus impacted every body’s life – good or bad, which led to a situation for which 2020 and 2021 will always be remembered. 

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While the world was suffering from the pandemic situation, the lockdown phase in India will always go into the memory lane for the people who suffered and experienced it both in 2020 and 2021. Unpaused 2 turned out to be the better version which starts with well directed Nupur Asthana’s Young Couple and brilliantly acted by Shreya Dhanwanthary and Priyanshu Painyuli whose marriage goes through a rough patch when one of them loses job due to the pandemic situation. Shreya Dhanwanthary was just amazing when she vents out her anger at her husband.

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The second episode follows another top notch performance by Geeta Kulkarni in Ayappa KM’s War Room drama where she plays the role of COVID-19 worker at the Mumbai government call center which helps the needy to get a hospital bed in time of crisis. One such phone call stops her from taking a vital decision as this involves a person who has been behind the suicide of her son. The third episode is story of uncertainty of a migrant workers – Chandan (Saqib Saleem), Dimple (Ashish Verma) and Ajeet (Sam Mohan) getting stuck at a local factory due to the announcement of sudden lockdown in first wave in Ruchir Arun’s hard reality drama Teen Tigada. Watch for the samosa scene when Dimple ask the police constable for two pieces of delicious snack. Simply hilarious..

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The fourth episode is the interaction between a senior citizen Neena Kulkarni) courier delivery boy Rohan (Lakshvir Singh Saran) and his wife Geetha (Darshana Rajendran) in Gond Ke Laddu, written and directed by Shikha Makan,and is probably the weakest story among five stories. Finally the web series end with the beautiful tale of a hope in the Nagraj Manjule’s Vaikunth. Hats of to the makers behind the story for brilliantly showing the heart-wrenching scene at the funeral place where the piles of bodies are burnt by crematorium worker diligently played by Nagraj Manjule himself.

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As we step into 2022 with new hope and new way to deal with COVID-19 with an aspiration to lead a normal life, Unpaused 2 is a refreshing tale of how people have spent last few months during the lockdown phases in India. While few people dealt with it with a strong heart, few have suffered which led to depression, loneliness and pain. Unpaused 2 successfully explores not just the life of high-esteemed people living in posh houses but even the low-section of the society who want to return back to their home due to income loss.

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Among the five different stories told in Unpaused 2, I loved Vaikunth, Young Couple and War Room which had interesting premises and keeps you engaged with their subtle story, powerful performances and tight writing. Though Teen Tigada and Gond Ke Laddu were fine but got swayed away by just about decent plot. Unpaused 2 also works thanks to the stupendous performances by each and every character in five different tales of survival

Overall, Amazon Prime’s Unpaused 2 should be the pick of this weekend thanks to the stellar performances and electrifying screenplay which makes it an exhilarating watch !!! Excellent 3.5/5


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