3 Years Of Mission Impossible : Fall Out – When Tom Cruise Scored His Biggest Opening In India

Mission Impossible – Fall Out added more shine to the franchise, which was started 25 years ago, making the stunt more realistic and adrenaline-pumping. Tom Cruise does all the stunt by himself and good god, he is just 59 years old.

Mission Impossible – Fall Out broke all the box office records at the Indian box office when it was released on 27th July 2018.

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In the sixth edition, Hunt and his team have to race against time to track down a dangerous terrorist named Solomon Lane, who is planning to strike on the world with global nuclear destruction. Written and directed by Christopher McQuarrie, who also made Jack Reacher and Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation (2015), Mission Impossible – FallOut brings out the real action and stunts infused into the film. The movie opens with Ethan Hunt saving his friend, Luther, but losing the track of plutonium bomb which takes his team right from Paris to London and finally concluding in Kashmir. The makers have ensured that all scenes performed by Cruise himself is as real as possible. The plane scene where Tom Cruise performs a halo jump from a military aircraft which requires specialized equipment and substantial training, is jaw-dropping.

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In the bike-chase action scene in Paris, Cruise gets hit by a car and rolls-over couple of time before he makes himself stable, is probably one of best action sequence I have seen in my life in any movie. Similarly, in the roof-top scene in London, Cruise is required to run and jump from the roof of one building onto the next one, proves that he is probably the best in the business (he actually breaks his ankle during the shooting). Even the climax scene with helicopter chasing, beautifully shot in New Zealand, will keep you on the edge of the seat. Kudos to the mind blowing choreography and adrenaline rush stunts for making the action sequences look so natural while Tom Cruise should be lauded for his death-defying stunt.

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The action-adventure does have its share of flaw as well. The length of the film is too long with running time of 2 hours 27 minutes and should easily be trimmed. The plot, with lot of twist and turns, of the film is a standard one but screenplay falters during the second half. The cat and mouse game should have handled efficiently. In spite of few shortcomings, the film manages to keep you on engaged with witty humor and performances. Cinematography is eye- catching. Art direction is mesmerizing. Tom Cruise is just awesome, to be precise. The actor not only performs his own stunts, he is so enduring in his role that you would hardly think of any other actor doing the part of Ethan Hunt. Henry Cavill does well in the supporting role. The rest of star cast do justice to their part.

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Mission Impossible : Fall Out got off to a humongous opening of Rs 10 crores on its first day when it was released on 27th July 2018. At the end of the theater run, Mission Impossible Fallout collected Rs 77 crore at the Indian box office, becoming the highest grossing film of Tom Cruise in India.


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