Host Movie Review – Must Watch Horror Flick To Get Over The Lockdown Blues

During the lockdown period owing to the devastating pandemic situation, few directors took the liberty to make films which was computer screen-based movie. Host released in 2020 was one such fine attempt with edgy jump-scares scenes which will keep you engaged for 56 mins.

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Owing to the life under quarantine, group of friends touch upon an idea to start an online séance. As they begin the online session, they began to notice strange occurrences in their respective places, bringing harm and more trouble for them.

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Directed by Rob Savage, the British horror film Host starts off on a light note as a group of friends set up the party mood, pulling each other’s leg and playing prank on each other. However, what start as a prank turned out to be lethal as each begins to observe weird occurrences. The best part is watching these female buddies interaction is so natural as if you are one of them watching them enjoy, discuss and suffer the pain as they struggle to find a way out. Hats off to the writers to create an engrossing screenplay which will not let you budge away for a moment


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When the entire film industry is going through tough time, Host was shot, conceived and released during the lock down with the help of just computer screens and few crew members. Rob Savage completely surprises you his latest coming and especially if you are not expecting much from this movie.  The movie starts off with usual gathering but gets to the point directly and keeps you engrossed till the actual drama unfolds. Dialogues are good. Story is awesome. Background score is nice. Cinematography is good. Performances by the main characters are brilliant. All of them enact their part with conviction.

Host is edgy , engrossing , well-directed with superb performances and lovely twist at the end. Excellent – 3.5/5

Host is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Shudder and is produced by Shadowhouse Films.


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