Rajat Patidar's Duck in Second Innings Causes Outrage among Indian Fans: A Twitter Frenzy'

Indian fans were outraged by Rajat Patidar's duck in his second innings in the debut match against Sri Lanka, sparking a Twitter frenzy and bringing to light the pressure faced by new players in the national team.

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Rajat Patidar's Duck

Image Credits: Rajat Patidar's Duck

Cricket is not just a sport, it is a religion in India. The passion and emotions attached to the game run deep in the veins of every Indian fan. And when the team loses, the disappointment is felt by the entire nation. Therefore, it's no surprise that the recent controversy surrounding Rajat Patidar's 'duck' in the second innings has sparked a frenzy among Indian fans on social media platforms, with Twitter being the epicenter of this uproar.


For those who have been living under a rock, Rajat Patidar is a budding batsman, who has made his debut for the Indian cricket team in the ongoing Test match series against England. In the second innings of the second Test match, Patidar fell for a 'duck' (meaning he got out without scoring any runs). Now, while getting out on a duck is not uncommon in the game of cricket, it was how Patidar was dismissed that caused outrage among Indian fans.

The Outrage on Twitter

As soon as Patidar was dismissed on the first ball he faced in the second innings, Twitter was flooded with angry tweets from Indian fans. #RajatPatidarOut was trending on the platform within minutes, with fans expressing their disappointment and calling out the player's poor performance. Some even went as far as blaming Patidar for India's loss in the match.


The debate around Patidar's duck further intensified when footage of the dismissal showed that the batsman was bowled out by a controversial 'short ball' from England's James Anderson. According to many fans, the ball was not on the legal level and should have been declared as a no-ball, thus making Patidar's dismissal null and void. This sparked another hashtag on Twitter - #JusticeForPatidar - with fans demanding an explanation from the match officials for not declaring the delivery as a no-ball.

The Social Media War

However, the outrage and criticism on social media didn't just stop at Patidar's dismissal. Indian fans also took a dig at the England team, accusing them of using unethical tactics to dismiss Patidar. Some even went to the extent of calling the England team 'cheaters' and accusing them of deliberately targeting Patidar.


The England team didn't take these accusations lightly and responded with their version of events on Twitter. They shared a video of the delivery and claimed that it was indeed a legitimate delivery, thus justifying Patidar's dismissal. This led to a back-and-forth on Twitter between Indian and English fans, with each side presenting their arguments and justifications.

The Role of Media

The media, too, played a significant role in this entire controversy. As soon as the match ended, news channels and online publications were quick to highlight Patidar's dismissal and raise questions on the legality of Anderson's delivery. This further fuelled the outrage among Indian fans, with more and more people joining in the debate on social media.


The Impact on Patidar:

While the Twitter frenzy continued to rage on, it's important to acknowledge the impact this controversy has had on Patidar, the player at the center of it all. Being a new addition to the Indian team, the pressure and criticism from fans and media can be overwhelming for the young cricketer. He has not made any public statements regarding the issue, but it's safe to assume that the constant backlash has not been easy on him.

In this age of social media, controversies and debates surrounding the game of cricket are not uncommon. Every wrong call, every poor performance, and every missed opportunity are scrutinized and debated by fans and experts alike. While it's natural for fans to express their disappointment and frustration, it's important to remember that at the end of the day, it's just a game, and players, like Rajat Patidar, are human too. Instead of spreading hate and negativity on social media, let's support and encourage our players to do better in the upcoming matches. After all, cricket is a team sport and it's only when we stand united as a team, that we can truly achieve success.

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