Rashmika Mandanna Addresses Concerns About Not Taking "Ownership of Her Success" in a Heartfelt Note to Fans

Rashmika Mandanna addresses fan concerns over her engagement post-"Animal" success, citing ongoing commitments and excitement for upcoming projects.

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Actress Rashmika Mandanna, known for her roles in blockbuster films like "Animal," recently took to social media to address concerns from fans regarding her perceived lack of engagement after the success of the film. In a post accompanied by mirror selfies, Mandanna explained that her reduced presence was due to her commitment to ongoing projects, including the need to maintain secrecy around her appearance for an upcoming film.


Responding to the notion that she was not taking ownership of her success, Mandanna expressed gratitude for the love and support she had received. She highlighted her immediate return to work after the release of "Animal," stating that she was working on several high-profile projects that required her full attention. Mandanna reassured fans that her absence from the public eye was temporary and that she was eagerly anticipating the release of her upcoming films, which she believed would make her fans proud.

The actress also thanked her team, PR team, co-stars, and fans for their unwavering support and understanding. She emphasized her belief that her work would speak for itself and expressed her eagerness to connect with her fans in a more meaningful way once her filming commitments allowed.

The full caption read:


"Hi guys! ❤️ Can’t show my full face as it’s a new film look, and I can’t reveal it before my film team does, as always. 😋 But the shoots are going really well - just wanted to let you all know.. ❤️

Also, another thing that I wanted to just talk about is the topic that was going around saying ‘she’s not taking ownership of her success and all that’ 🥺❤️

Ok, here’s the thing.
1- I know it comes from a place of love, concern, and worry 💘. We have delivered a massive film, and people loved it and appreciated it. I too wanted to take some time out to enjoy it, as every one of us wants to, but I was back on set the next day of my film release (being the amazing workaholic that I am 😋), and hence I was and am unable to do a lot of interviews or events out there. I am having to do these overnight travels for work, and I am shooting for some of the biggest and most intense films in my career ❤️.And as you’ll know, I can’t really reveal the look before my film teams do, and hence I am unable to take photos or post some posts or go live as per yours or my wishes. And I know you’ll are missing me and so am I 🥲❤️, but I know for sure that when the films DO release, I know you’ll all be super duper happy, and it’s all gonna be worth it!! 🥰 (I personally CAN’T WAIT for those moments ❤️❤️). So please have patience with me because you should know that I am doing my best, and I am happy doing so for all of you, myself, and my teams.. ❤️❤️

2- And now coming to ownership of the success .. 😄😄❤️
Guys, your love, the messages to me are what make me happy and keep me going honestly, and I saw them in abundance; and again thank you so much for all the love.. always. 🥹❤️

My team and my PR team spoke to me about how we should be active and all that.. but 1- like I already said the next day of the film release, I was back on set for my next film, so hence couldn’t find the time 🥺❤️, but next time on we will work on it.. and I promise.. ❤️ and 2- I just believed that good work will speak for itself and it DID.. and I CANNOT be more grateful.. ❤️ I am yet to thank you all for the love.. and I know I am late.. but I only wanted to do it when I come live, and I am still going to hold on to that for that day.. ❤️😙🤗

Also, I was surrounded by the most supportive cast and crew and the best fans, so I didn’t or don’t have anything to worry about.. I just love them.. 😋🫶🏻 they are the best! ❤️"




Mandanna's post comes in the wake of the success of "Animal" at the Filmfare Awards 2024, where the film won several accolades. Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga expressed surprise that Mandanna was not nominated for Best Actress, praising her performance in the film as challenging and commendable.


Despite the temporary hiatus from public appearances, Mandanna remains active in her work and is set to appear next in the highly anticipated film "Pushpa: The Rule" alongside Allu Arjun.







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