From Neil-Aishwarya's Face Off To Munawara-Mannara's Verbal Spat, Here Are The Highlights Of Big Boss 17!

Trending: Reality show Big Boss 17 is going on it's full swing. In the latest episode of Big Boss 17 Neil-Aishwarya get into heated argument. Check-out all the latest highlight of Big Boss 17 here!

By Sanjana Lama
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Mannara-Munawar get into verbal spat

Popular reality show Big Boss 17 is going on it's full swing and the show has created buzzx on social media. The show has entered it's fourth week and the game is getting intense. Each day a new drama unflods in the house, the equation of the housemates are changing each day. The fights over ration, nomination and personal equation are getting more ugly. In the latest episodes of Big Boss many new fights errupted inside the Big Boss house. From Neil-Aishwarya, Arun-Munawar to Mannara-Munawara, this contestants got into heated arguments with each other. Check-out the latest highlights of the Big Boss 17 here!.


Aishwarya and Niel gets into ugly spat:

In the latest episode of Big Boss, a massive fight broke-out between husband-wife Neil-Aishwarya. Which came as shock for both housemates and netizens. It all started when Dil housemates Isha, Ankita, Neil and Aishwarya started to store their ration away. In that moment, Aishwarya goes to handover a bag to Neil while he was already carrying a stuff. This little misunderstanding turned into an ugly spat between both of them they started screaming and charging at each other, The fight turned ugly and they started calling each other out, Aishwarya went on to call Neil 'pagal'. Entire housemates gather around to see what caused the intense fight. While Ankita stopped them from interferring between husband-wife, To which other housemates disagreed and Munawar Faruqui said, "I don't want to gossip but we have the right to known why they are fighting?". and Rinku added, "What will we do if they are husband-wife, for us they are also contestants". Later after the entire drama, Neil Bhatt was seen consolling Aishwarya. 

Anurag acusses Tehelka of physical violence,after their fight:


In the latest episode of Big Boss many fights happened. Even Dum housemates Anurag and Tehelka got into intense fight with each-other that later turned into physical fight. It all started when Munawar confronted Dum housemates for stealing foods, which started the entire argument between the contestants, Arun and Munawar got into ugly fight with each other over this. Later, Anurag called them-out and started provoking Arun and Tehelka and said, they should not listen to Munawar and fought back to him. Tehelka gets annoyed by Anurag's provocation and warns him not to start a fight. Two of them got into heated argument which turned into ugly fight. Later, Tehelka in the heated-argument gets phusicla with Anurag and pushed him. Then, Anurag lost his temper and stated yelling, "Hit me if you have guts". Anurag also tells Big Boss about the incident and says that Tehelka got physical with him and he even removed his mic. 

Is this the end of friendship between Mannara-Munawar:

In the upcoming episode og Big Boss two friends Munawar and Mannara gets into verbal-spat with each other. Both of them share a strong bond with each other and are being loved by the audience. In the lastest promo, it is seen that Mannara is upset with Munawar for not standing up with her after her fight with Khanzadi, she question him and accused him that he is the one poking Khanzadi against her. Munawar looked shocked hearing Mannara's accusation and called her out for it and said, that don't talk to me if you don't understand the joke or me. Later, Mannara asks him to apolozie in front of the entire housemate. Munwar tells her that "My friendship is not that weak that i have to do this".

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