Opinion: Gujarat Govt To Explore Parental Assent Mandatory In Love Marriages, But Why Just In Parents' Perspective?

Gujarat CM Bhupendra Patil has unveiled that his government will consider In making Parental approvals mandatory In Love Marriages but why just from a parents' perspective and not in another way? Read.

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Recently, Bhupendra Patil, the Chief Minister of the state of Gujarat has said that his government will explore bringing a system that marks parental consent mandatory for love marriages. The proposal comes in response to demands from certain sections of the influential Patidar community in the state.


Also sharing some insights with health minister Rushikesh Patel's conversation during an event organised by the Sardar Patel Group in Mehsana on Sunday, CM said, “While coming here, (cabinet minister) Rushikesh Patel told me that we should relook the occurrences of girls eloping, and carry out a comprehensive study with an aim to make parental consent mandatory for love marriages. If the Constitution supports it, we will carry out a study and try to achieve the best possible outcome.” 

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But Why Just In Parents' Perspective?


But I say that why think only from the parents' perspective? If the Gujarat government is taking this decision then they should also take into consideration when love marriages harm one soul. Despite marrying a guy they love many girls have faced threats on property/dowry, mainly a huge fear of getting killed by a partner. Many times we have seen cases of murders or rapes which aren’t taken seriously. 

Yes, parental approval mandatory in love marriages is a great decision but such incidents come without calling, so what if one faces that? There must be safety for the same or helping that person if something worst happens and by taking such things into consideration government can make it in little bit more detail.

And a proposal like this, if it comes to fruition, would entrench this norm – and run antithetical to women’s agency and to individuals’ constitutional freedoms.






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