Punjab's Happy Marriages Hit by New Canadian Immigration Rules

The new Canadian immigration rules have had a negative impact on happy marriages in Punjab, with stricter regulations making it difficult for couples to reunite and causing family separation.

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Marriage is considered a sacred bond in the Indian state of Punjab. It is a celebration of love, commitment, and unity between two individuals and their families. However, in recent times, this joyous occasion has been overshadowed by the introduction of new Canadian immigration rules, causing distress among couples and families in Punjab.


The Impact of the New Immigration Rules on Punjabi Couples

Punjab has been a major contributor to immigration to Canada, with a significant number of Punjabis settling in the country in the past few decades. The new immigration rules have been implemented to reduce the number of fraudulent marriages and ensure that genuine couples can migrate to Canada. However, these rules have had adverse effects on genuine couples from Punjab who are looking to start a new life in Canada.

One of the major changes in the new rules is the requirement for Indian citizens to provide a valid police clearance certificate (PCC) at the time of submitting their immigration application. This has been a major hurdle for couples in Punjab as obtaining a PCC is a time-consuming and complex process. Moreover, due to the lack of awareness and resources, many couples are unable to complete this requirement.


Another major change is the increase in the minimum income requirement for the Canadian sponsor. Previously, the sponsor had to show an annual income of CAD 18,000 to support their spouse's immigration application. The new rules have more than doubled this requirement to CAD 40,000, making it difficult for many Punjabi couples to meet the eligibility criteria.

The stringent rules have also caused delays in the process of obtaining a spouse visa for Canada. With increased documentation and stringent verification processes, the wait time for processing applications has significantly increased, causing frustration and anxiety among couples.

The Emotional Toll on Couples and Families


The new immigration rules have not only caused practical difficulties for Punjabi couples, but the emotional toll it has taken on them and their families is heartbreaking. Many couples have been forced to be separated for an indefinite period, causing emotional distress and strain on their relationship.

For couples who have just gotten married, the delay in the process has not only disrupted their plans but has also caused financial strain. The cost of marriage rituals and the additional expenses of the immigration process have put a burden on the families, causing further stress and worry.

The Way Forward


The new Canadian immigration rules have undoubtedly created a dent in the otherwise happy marriages of Punjab. However, with some awareness and guidance, the challenges can be overcome.

Couples must seek professional guidance and ensure that they are well-informed about the immigration process. Seeking help from a registered Canadian immigration consultant can greatly ease the burden and speed up the process.

The governments of India and Canada should also work together to create more awareness about the new rules and provide necessary support to couples who are genuinely looking to migrate to Canada.

In a Nutshell

Punjab's happy marriages have been hit by the new Canadian immigration rules, causing distress among couples and families. The impact of the rules has been felt in the form of delays, increased documentation, and financial strain. However, with the right guidance and support, these challenges can be overcome, and the sacred bond of marriage can once again be celebrated in its true spirit.

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