K-drama Review: Vigilante Episode 6

Episode 6 of Disney Plus K-drama 'Vigilante' unfolds gripping twists as Nam Joo-Hyuk's Kim Ji-Yong collaborates with Cho Kang-Ok to expose a criminal empire.

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Vigilante Episode 6

The episode 6  of Disney Plus K-drama "Vigilante," Nam Joo-Hyuk's Kim Ji-Yong intensifies his pursuit of justice. The episode showcases Ji-Yong's collaboration with Cho Kang-Ok and their efforts to expose CEO Kim Sam-Doo's criminal empire. The plot thickens as Detective Jo-Heon, played by Yoo Ji-Tae, faces an attack, leaving viewers anxiously awaiting his fate.


The episode kicks off with a gripping altercation between Ji-Yong and Jo-Heon, underscoring the moral complexities of vigilantism. Ji-Yong challenges Jo-Heon to prove the law's efficacy in punishing the powerful, revealing shocking connections between the criminal Vole and Chief Superintendent General Eum Jae-Hyub.

As Eum Jae-Hyub asks Jo-Heon to step down from leading the vigilante investigation, Ji-Yong and Kang-Ok navigate a web of intrigue to support reporter Choi Mi-Ryeo. Jo-Heon's pursuit of Mr. Bang intensifies, leading to a leadership shift in the vigilante investigation.

Ji-Yong's relentless pursuit of justice unveils shocking revelations about money laundering within Mitieum Church. The dynamic between Ji-Yong and Kang-Ok evolves as they unite to expose Kim Sam-Doo's crimes. However, suspicions rise against Ji-Yong, adding another layer of tension to the narrative.


The tension peaks with Ji-Yong's lethal confrontation with Pastor Shin Jong-Eun, setting the stage for a public revelation of the criminal empire. As Choi Mi-Ryeo prepares to air the details, Jo-Heon intervenes, questioning the ethics of glorifying vigilantism.

The episode climaxes with Jo-Heon facing a life-threatening attack, only to be rescued by Ji-Yong. The fate of the detective hangs in the balance, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

"Vigilante" Episode 6 masterfully blends action, suspense, and moral dilemmas. The intricate plot, character developments, and unexpected twists contribute to the series' gripping narrative. With each episode, "Vigilante" continues to captivate audiences, proving to be a must-watch for K-drama enthusiasts. As the stakes rise and alliances shift, the drama promises an unpredictable and thrilling journey into the dark realms of justice and retribution.



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