Hybe Replaces Min-Hee Jin and Appoints a New CEO for Ador

Reports suggest BTS’s label Hybe is now replacing Min Hee-Jin by appointing a new CEO for its subsidiary Ador amidst the feud between the two.

By Dhwani Joshi
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The feud between Min-Hee Jin and Hybe  labels has sparked controversy, and become a hot topic, not just in Korea but among K-Pop fans all around the world. The feud started when Ador’s then CEO, Min Hee-Jin tried to take over the Hybe label’s subsidiary illegally and leaking confidential information to external sources. Hybe even filed a case against her.


Following this, Min Hee-Jin held a press conference on April 25 and even revealed shocking chats with Bang-Si Hyuk, commenting on New Jeans’ future. A general shareholders’ meeting will be held by the end of May.


Recent reports suggests that Hybe has already selected a new management team, including a new CEO. Even though, Min-Hee Jin is still the CEO of Ador, she might be forced to resign at the next shareholders meeting so that a new CEO can take over


Since, Hybe owns 80 % of the shares in its subsidiary Ador, there are high chances of the votes being in Hybe’s favour. At the meeting, Hybe will also be presenting evidence, the audit report, against Min- Hee Jin.

Danielle from NewJeans shared about her journey and experiences with the agency amidst the ongoing feud between ADOR and HYBE. "There are some Bunnies who are worried about me because I have been quieter than usual. Thank you so much for looking out for me and supporting me. Although I’ve had a heavy heart recently, we are all doing our best to prepare for Bunnies, so you don’t have to worry. We have so much that we want to show you, so please watch for us," she wrote.

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