Karwa Chauth 2023 Fast Track: Dos and Don’ts to Ensure a Sacred Vrat

Festivals Rituals :– Navigate Karwa Chauth 2023: Essential Flfasting etiquette for a blessed Karaka Chaturthi Vrat – your comprehensive Dos and Don’ts guide!

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The auspicious Hindu festival of Karwa Chauth, falling on November 1 this year, holds significance as women observe a nirjala vrat (fast without food and water) from sunrise to moonrise, praying for marital bliss and their husband’s longevity. (ALSO READ: Work & Vrat: Karwa Chauth 2023 Helpful Guide For Women On The Go!)


Navigating a daylong fast, especially one as significant as Karwa Chauth can indeed be challenging. Here are some essential guidelines to ensure a safe and fulfilling fasting experience with Dos & Don’ts: 

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1) Observe Nirjala Vrat: The main ritual involves abstaining from food and water throughout the day.


2) Embrace Auspicious Colors: Red signifies the festival’s aura, though married women can opt for yellow, green, pink, or orange, avoiding black or white.

3) Adorn Solah Sringar: Apply mehendi and don traditional attire and jewellery, symbolizing luck, prosperity, and wedded happiness.

4) Savor Sargi: Consume a pre-dawn meal rich in nutrients, provided by the mother-in-law, comprising fruits, sweets, paratha, and more.


5) Hydrate Well: Drink ample water and fresh fruit juices; steer clear of coffee and tea to prevent acidity.

6) Exercise Caution: Avoid scissors, needles, or knives; pregnant women should abstain from fasting for their well-being.

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7) Exchange Blessings: Send Baya gifts to mothers-in-law, seeking blessings, and refrain from consuming non-vegetarian food.

8) Participate in Rituals: Engage in Karwa Chauth puja, listen to Katha, and maintain a positive, joyful demeanour.

9) Mindful Eating: After breaking the fast, avoid overindulgence, easing back into regular meals gradually.


10) Stay Away from Negativity: Maintain a cheerful attitude, avoiding disputes and negative thoughts throughout the day.

11) Dress Wisely: Refrain from wearing black clothes, following the tradition to enhance auspiciousness.

Wishing you a blessed and harmonious Karwa Chauth filled with love and togetherness!






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