"He's Back!" As Imran Khan's Return to the Screen is Anticipated, Audience Speculates: "The same people who want his comeback will likely troll him once he's back in business…"

ENTERTAINMENT EXCLUSIVE: As the world anticipates Imran Khan’s return, the actor shares why he stayed away from acting in his recent interview and Reddit users discuss how the situation will be after his comeback to showbiz.

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Imran Khan, who has delivered numerous romcoms such as Jaane Tu Yaa.. Jaane Na, I Hate Love Storys, Break Ke Baad, Ek Main Aur Ek Tu, and others, have endeared himself to Bollywood enthusiasts as their favourite romcom hero of all time. As people are fully immersed in the nostalgia of 2000s hit films and yearn to see them back on screens, they chant, "Imran Khan, come back!"


This news broke last year when Imran Khan replied to a comment under Zeenat Aman’s post when she made a comeback with her appearance in an advertisement. The comment read, “Zeenat ji ne bhi comeback kar liya, pata nahi mera Imran Khan kab karega,” and it was incidentally posted by a user named Aditi. Surprisingly, Imran replied, saying, “Chalo Aditi, let’s leave this one to the internet… 1M likes, and I’ll make it happen.” Then, the buzz became never-ending, and suddenly it was all about Imran and his comeback. Afterwards, he also started reminiscing about his films one by one on his Instagram handle, providing some analysis and sharing behind-the-scenes stories regarding the same. 

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Observing the growing trend of the romcom star’s comeback, Vogue India recently engaged in a conversation with the actor, offering a special treat for his fans. During the interview, Imran delved into the reasons behind his departure from the film fraternity after his last film, ‘Katti Batti,’ flopped in 2016. This decision coincided with the time he became a father to Imara Malik Khan in 2014, prompting him to embrace fatherhood and focus on his daughter.


Fans concerned about the situation after his return on-screen!


While a Reddit user predicts the official comeback of Imran Khan, other users under the post suggest that the same people who are currently hailing the actor’s return will criticize him when he reenters the spotlight. In the past, although Khan delivered many beloved films, he also faced continuous flops that were highly criticized by both audiences and critics. It's believed that this is why he took a hiatus away from the limelight. A few years ago, news even circulated that he had completely quit acting. Now, with his potential comeback predicted, fans fear about whether he will receive the same love when his movie releases after they have eagerly chanted for his return.

The comments read, “Well the same people who wants his comeback will troll him once he'll back to buisness as he is not that great of an actor but let's see...”


So it’s official?
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A curious user mentions that audiences miss the type of romcom that Imran made back then, but they don't miss him as an actor, “He's gonna make a comeback only for his fans to make fun of his acting skills now. I think ppl miss those type of rom coms, not imraan”

Another commenter expressed concern about his potential comeback, fearing potential trolling, and questioned the necessity of bringing him back to the screens. They suggested that people should simply watch his films and enjoy themselves.


The other way around the comments read, “I’m here for this. He wasn’t given the strongest roles or scripts, but there’s something nice about him and I’m rooting for him,” “I made a post on this just now but ig it didn’t get approved for some reason. 😅 I loved the interview. Bas abh imran jaldi se ek romcom karle yaar we need a good one♥️

During the interview with Vogue India, ‘Luck’ actor recalled, “‘When Katti Batti’ flopped, I wanted to understand some things, so I began working backwards. What had been the biggest hits of the last two or three years? What were the films that had brought my contemporaries success? Do I like those films? Would I have said yes, had they been offered to me? The answer was always no. And that clarified something for me. What I actually wanted was for the films I was in to be successful.”


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Further added on that he did not have to think too much about the financial aspect, “Luckily, I was working in an industry that had rewarded me financially. So, by the time I was 30, I didn’t have to worry about money. At that point, it wasn’t my career because I wasn’t excited by it enough to want to work hard for it,” Imran said.

Reminiscing the time when his daughter was born and he wanted to embrace fatherhood, he shared, “I had recently become a father and thought, ‘This is valuable. This is something I take seriously.’ I wanted to be the best version of myself for Imara. I decided it was no longer my job to be an actor. Now, I had to fix myself; be at my healthiest and strongest for my daughter.”

As they say, every coin has two sides. While some are curious and excited to witness his comeback on the silver screen, others fear that he won’t receive the same love when his movie releases, after they have eagerly chanted for his return.

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Yes, but one cannot deny the fact that Imran Khan as an actor in the romance genre was a shining treat for the eyes, and one could easily fall in love with him and his charming screen presence. However, it's unclear how he faced back-to-back flops, which pulled him back and never returned. Now, it's all up to Mr. Khan to decide, and we never know what he desires or what's going on in his mind.

Meanwhile, reports have already caused a stir as Imran is set to return with a thriller and action-packed OTT show and the actor is currently considering a comeback to acting but has remained tight-lipped about his project details. Nonetheless, his fans are thrilled by the prospect of his return.



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