EXCLUSIVE: Rumours of Janhvi Kapoor Replacing Sai Pallavi in Nitesh Tiwari’s ‘Ramayana’ Infuriate Fans, a Reddit User Suggests it Might be False News!

ENTERTAINMENT EXCLUSIVE: The news of Bollywood actress Janhvi replacing Sai Pallavi, as reported by Firstpost, has been now deleted the same article. Read on to find out more in detail about this situation.

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EXCLUSIVE Rumours of Janhvi Kapoor Replacing Sai Pallavi in Nitesh Tiwari’s ‘Ramayana’ Infuriate Fans, a Reddit User Suggests it Might be a False News!.png

EXCLUSIVE: Rumours of Janhvi Kapoor Replacing Sai Pallavi in Nitesh Tiwari’s ‘Ramayana’ Infuriate Fans, a Reddit User Suggests it Might be a False News!

Nitesh Tiwari's direction of the epic Indian mythology 'Ramayana' has been widely anticipated, with regular waves of internet chatter. The latest development revolves around the replacement of the actress portraying Sita. The main cast of the film was initially fixed with Ranbir Kapoor as Lord Ram, Yash as Raavan, and Sai Pallavi as Maa Sita. Sai, known for her natural and outstanding roles among South Indian movie audiences, was eagerly awaited in the role of Maa Sita. However, recent rumours suggest she has been replaced by Bollywood actress Janhvi Kapoor!


Yes, you read that right. The latest reports indicate that Janhvi has been signed as Mata Sita, much to the disappointment of the audience. This news saddened them, prompting them to immediately take to Reddit to share their thoughts and pour out their "WTF!!!" reactions.

A report from Firstpost states, “A reliable source informed us that it is Janhvi Kapoor, who will play Goddess Sita and not Sai Pallavi. The Dhadak actress worked with Tiwari in Bawaal and the filmmaker feels Kapoor perfectly fits the bill and hence the makers have zeroed in on her.”

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In her last film, Janhvi appeared in Nitesh Tiwari’s OTT release 'Bawaal', where she starred alongside Varun Dhawan. The audience seems to be commenting, “Kya obsession h nitesh ko is jhanvi se”.

A Reddit user commented, “They can play whoever they want and can also watch the movie among themselves. Aapas mai banao movie aur aapas mai dekho. We do not want another Adipurush please. 😭” In reply to this comment another user said, “Exactly. Then they shouldn’t cry when no one watches the film. Despite everything, I’d watch it if it had Sai in it. Now eh, not so interested.”

A shocking moviegoer said, “SHOCKER. Audiences should boycott this movie after this. Imagine first putting out articles that Sai Pallavi will be Sita & then snatch it away to present JHANVI KAPOOR.” Another said, “LMAO NO WAY I CAN'T EVEN IMAGINE 💀

byu/isabellapintoisback inBollyBlindsNGossip

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Another Reddit user shared that they recently encountered Sai Pallavi in Japan, where she was in the country for filming her upcoming movie with Junaid Khan, Aamir Khan's son. The message read, “So for some reason, news portals are reporting that Sai Pallavi isn't doing Ramayana but I met her very very recently at the snow festival in Hokkaido. I told her her I'm excited for Ramayana and we even talked about learning hardcore Hindi for the role and she sighed lol. I think it's Janhvi's PR trying to stir things up

PS : she is shooting with Junaid Khan for their next romcom in Japan rn”


Met Sai Pallavi in Hokkaido, Japan
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Perhaps this prediction could hold truth, as the media portal ‘Firstpost,’ which initially reported this news, has now deleted the article from their website but the news has already grabbed headlines on various sites. 

And the audience shares a sign of hope, a Reddit user shared, “I really hope that she is doing it. It had a perfect cast with her. Please don't ruin it by adding Janvi.” The next comment read, “I hope pray n manifest it should be Sai Pallavi 🤞🏻🙏🏻 Jahnvi’s PR team should calm down, als your client to first learn to act baad mein sapne dekhe.” While another shared thoughts, “No offense but Ramayana will be an epic film. And Sai Pallavi's innocent face is apt to play Sita whereas Jhanvi has a sensual face and even body it won't suit in the film.”


A person shared, “I met her once sometime back in summer, I guess, while the rumours were flying around about the whole Ramayana casting. I did exclaim to her during that interaction how I really hoped she would bag the role of Sita as everything about her seemed perfectly fit for the character and even then the way she acknowledged my comment it did seem like she had already bagged the role. Looks like the Ramayana team wants to keep their cast under wraps for some time to create the required hype and the rest of the celebrities are just exploiting this secret for their own benefit.”

Meanwhile, superstar actor Vijay Sethupathi recently made headlines for his potential role as Vibhishana in Nitesh Tiwari’s directorial project. Additionally, director Lara Dutta, renowned for her versatility, is reported to be Tiwari's ideal choice for the role of Princess Kaikeyi, the third consort of King Dasharatha. Moreover, Tiwari is keen on casting Bobby Deol as Kumbhakarna, a character of great significance in the Ramayana narrative.

Also, the list of casting rumours continues, with discussions reportedly in the advanced stages with Sunny Deol for the role of Lord Hanuman. Both Nitesh Tiwari and Ranbir Kapoor are eager to bring Sunny Deol on board for this iconic character.


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