Raj Kundra's Jail Chronicles Come Alive in UT69 Trailer

Raj Kundra Unveils the Mystery Behind UT69 At the Trailer Launch

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After keeping the audience on the edge of their seats with a series of intriguing teasers and videos for the past couple of weeks, the enigmatic mask man, Raj Kundra, has finally revealed the truth behind his upcoming film — UT69. The trailer launch event, held in Mumbai today, not only showcased Raj Kundra unmasking himself in front of the media but also shed light on the captivating storyline of UT69. 


Contrary to the widespread speculations that UT69 was Raj Kundra's own biopic, the trailer surprises everyone by offering a unique perspective on Raj Kundra's life. UT69 delves into the unforgettable chapter of Raj Kundra's life when he spent 63 days at the Arthur Road Jail, Mumbai, during his under-trial period. The film, a witty dark comedy, brilliantly captures the trials, challenges, and unexpected friendships that Raj encountered during his time in jail. 

“This is more than just a movie for me! While it’s a closure of sorts, you will see through my eyes a story about survival, friendships, and relationships inside India’s most notoriously crowded infamous detention centre, also known as Arthur Road Jail,” expressed Raj Kundra, sharing his heartfelt feelings about his debut film. 

There were also rumours swirling that Farah Khan was directing it. However, all doubts were put to rest during the gripping trailer launch event, where it was officially announced that the talented and experienced ad film director Shahnawaz Ali helmed the project. 


Speaking passionately about the film, Shahnawaz Ali remarked, “UT69 is a slice-of-life film about a celebrity among misfits. It’s a light-hearted film about trying to find the best in the worst of situations and living beyond sorrows. 
For me, telling the story through humour was more impactful than any other way. Raj’s story was unique, and it needed unique storytelling.
But at its heart, it's a human story that will connect with all audiences.” 

Producer of AA Films, Anil Thadani, shared his excitement about the project, stating, " Mr.Anil Thadani of AA films  shared his views about the project, stating, “We are excited to bring this interesting story to the audience, shedding light on things and events people would not  expect generally .it's unsual and humorous treatment is it's USP."” 

Slated for theatrical release on November 3, 2023, UT69 starring Raj Kundra and directed by Shahnawaz Ali promises to take the audience on a cinematic journey through the unforgettable chapter of Raj Kundra's life. The film is brought to you by AA Films, produced by SVS Studios, and co-produced by THE BIGGER PICTURE FILMS. Based on true events and the life story of Raj Kundra, UT69 is a compelling narrative that explores the themes of survival, friendships, and the human spirit, even in the most challenging circumstances.






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