Manoj Muntashir Tweets An Apology For ‘Adhipurush’ Critizing Dialogues, “With folded hands, I extend my unconditional apologies”

The dialogues writer of Om Raut's directorial 'Adhipurush' has posted a written apology on Twitter for his penned lines which hurt the sentiments of Lord Shri Ram And Lord Hanuman devotees. Check out.

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Ever since Om Raut’s directorial ‘Adhipurush’ teaser or trailer was released it started receiving backlashes immediately because of the wrong portrayals of the characters and the VFX work. When the film hit the theatres on 16 June 2023, in no time the criticism was continued mainly because of its cringe dialogues that have hurt the sentiments of Hindu people. 


The dialogues of the movie are penned by Manoj Muntashir who is also a lyricist, poet and screenwriter. He has now finally agreed to his mistakes and extended an apology with respect to the sages and devotees of Lord Shri Ra.  
By taking it on the Twitter, he first wrote in Hindi, “मैं स्वीकार करता हूँ कि फ़िल्म आदिपुरुष से जन भावनायें आहत हुईं हैं. 
अपने सभी भाइयों-बहनों, बड़ों, पूज्य साधु-संतों और श्री राम के भक्तों से, मैं हाथ जोड़ कर, बिना शर्त क्षमा माँगता हूँ. 
भगवान बजरंग बली हम सब पर कृपा करें, हमें एक और अटूट रहकर अपने पवित्र सनातन और महान देश की सेवा करने की शक्ति दें!🙏”

Further translating it in English, “I accept people’s emotions have been hurt by Adipurush. 
With folded hands, I extend my unconditional apologies. 
May Prabhu Bajrang Bali keep us united and grant us strength to serve our sacred Sanatan and our great nation.🙏”

Check out the tweet here:


Previously, when the topic was raised on the uncultured dialogues Lord Hanuman the same Manoj Muntashir said, “Hanuman ji is not God, he is a devotee. We have made him God later because his devotion had such power.” Also, he tried to explain that the Bajrang character in his movie speaks like a pedestrian goon because “all characters in a story cannot be at the same level (of linguistic sophistication). He even tried to defend his dialogues like ‘Kapda there baap ka” saying he wrote them to make it more relatable to young masses.


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And he further said that Bajrang Bali (another name for Lord Hanuman) does not speak philosophical things; an insolent statement to say the least. The statement by Manoj (Muntashir) Shukla enraged Hindus across the country.


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