Censor Board Takes Action: No Actors as Human Form Gods, Akshay Kumar Under Scrutiny

The Indian Censor Board has issued a new regulation prohibiting the portrayal of actors as human form gods in films. Actor Akshay Kumar is now facing scrutiny for his past roles where he has portrayed deities.

New Update

In a bold move, the Indian Censor Board has implemented stricter regulations regarding the portrayal of gods and religious figures in mainstream cinema. The decision comes in response to the increasing trend of actors playing human forms of deities, which has sparked controversy and raised concerns among religious groups. One actor who finds himself at the center of this scrutiny is the renowned Bollywood star, Akshay Kumar. This blog delves into the recent development, exploring the implications and discussing the potential impact on the industry.


Industry Shift towards Actors as Human Form Gods

Over the years, there has been a significant industry shift in Indian cinema, with actors taking on roles portraying revered gods and goddesses. This trend has captivated audiences and led to blockbuster films that blend mythology, history, and entertainment. However, the portrayal of deities by human actors has stirred discontent among religious groups who argue that it undermines the sanctity and reverence associated with these figures.

Censor Board's Response


Taking cognizance of the growing concerns, the Indian Censor Board has decided to intervene and address the issue head-on. The board has put forth a new set of guidelines that restrict the casting of actors as human forms of gods and goddesses. This action aims to strike a balance between creative expression and respect for religious sentiments.

Implications for the Industry

The new regulations set by the Censor Board will undoubtedly have significant implications on the film industry, particularly for actors who have built their careers around playing divine characters. The decision raises questions about artistic freedom and the boundaries imposed on filmmakers. It also creates an opportunity for the industry to explore alternative storytelling approaches that steer clear of potentially controversial portrayals.


Akshay Kumar's Connection to the Issue

Being one of Bollywood's most versatile and successful actors, Akshay Kumar has played notable mythological figures, such as Lord Krishna and Lord Hanuman, with critical acclaim. However, his prolific career and association with such roles have now come under scrutiny. As a result, Akshay Kumar finds himself caught amid this debate, facing criticism and appraisal at the same time. 

The recent actions by the Indian Censor Board, disallowing actors from portraying human forms of gods and goddesses, mark a significant turning point in the Indian film industry. While there are concerns about creative limitations, the decision reflects efforts to respect religious sentiments and maintain the sanctity of revered figures. As the industry adapts to these new regulations, it remains to be seen how filmmakers and actors, including Akshay Kumar, will embrace alternative avenues for storytelling, ensuring a delicate balance between artistic expression and cultural sensitivity.


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