Actress Kriti Sanon reached “Kashi” and praised PM Modi fiercely.

“What PM Modi has done in Kashi in last 10 years is connectivity, be it roads, railways, new ghats which look very beautiful. A lot of development has taken place. But the spirit and culture of Kashi is still the same."

By Seema Mesal
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Actress Kriti Sanon reached Kashi and praised PM Modi fiercely

Actress Kriti Sanon praises PM Modi She said Prime Minister Modi has done a fabulous job in the past ten years.


Also Ranveer and Kriti graced the ramp in Varanasi for a fashion show...

Actress Kriti Sanon came out in effusive praise of Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his efforts towards the public infrastructure overhaul and the development of the country's oldest pilgrimage sites, Varanasi.

Ranveer and Kriti graced the ramp in Varanasi for a fashion show celebrating Banarasi Saree and the weaver community. The event, organized by Manish Malhotra, showcased exquisite craftsmanship and received praise from both actors.Ranveer and lanky Bollywood beauty Kriti Sanon were in the ancient temple town on Sunday, turning showstoppers for ace designer Manish Malhotra's fashion show.


Speaking to ANI on Sunday, Ranveer said, "We deeply appreciate everything Prime Minister Narendra Modi has done to protect and promote the weaver community (of Varanasi). He has absolutely changed the face of Kashi in the last 10 years."

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