Time When Aamir Khan Repeatedly Decline To Work With Divya Bharti And Influenced Yash Chopra To Replace Her From ‘Darr’

If you don’t know, it is said that Aamir Khan had Influenced Yash Chopra to oust Divya Bharti from the Bollywood movie ‘Darr’, as claimed by her mother. Read to know.

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Divya Bharti was one of the dominating stars back in the 90s, her exceptional presence on silver screens made her work with some top male artists in Bollywood like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Sunil Shetty, Sunny Deol etc. But with one whom she hasn’t worked is Aamir Khan. 


It is said that Aamir himself had repeatedly refused to work with Divya Bharti, this conflict started in the year 1992 when she criticized Mr Khan after he refused to perform alongside her during a London tour. 

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As Aamir chose Juhi Chawla instead of Divya, despite rejection the performance was supposed to include her but unfortunately that wasn’t possible due to which she couldn’t hold back her tears. Later, Salman Khan came to the rescue to perform along with her.


Due to this incident, the conflicts among both the stars had begun and the PK actor started declining to work with Bharti. Following in the year 1993, when the actress was initially cast for the role of Kiran Awasti in the film ‘Darr’ alongside Sunny Deol and Aamir Khan. Later rumours made rounds about her, backing off from the project due to quarrels with the director and producer. 

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However that was not true, in an old interview, the actress’ mother Meeta Bharti revealed that when they weren’t present in the town it was Aamir who influenced the film’s director to cast Juhi Chawla and oust Divya Bharti. 

She said, “Many people believe that Divya lost Darr because she had issues with Yash Chopra, but that wasn’t the case. When Sunny was signed, he wanted Divya as his co-star. However, Aamir insisted on Juhi Chawla. Unfortunately, at the time, we were in America for some shows. Before we left, the announcement for Darr had Sunny, Divya, and Aamir. But when we returned, it was Sunny, Juhi, and Aamir. It seemed that Aamir, who was also working with Yash Chopra in Parampara, influenced the decision to drop Divya and bring in Juhi. Subsequently, Aamir was replaced, and Shah Rukh Khan was cast.”

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Divya Bharti’s death at the young age, of 19, had shaken the entire Indian cinema which cannot be forgotten till now. Her contribution to the cinema between 1990 and 1993 was a lot to be just acclaimed for. 

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