From playing a sex worker to a lawyer on the screen, Shriya Pilgaonkar is thankful for embodying women from all walks of life

Shriya Pilgaonkar, a versatile actress, is grateful for portraying diverse roles on screen, from a sex worker to a lawyer. She believes in representing and empowering women from all spheres of life through her powerful performances.

By Megha Badiger
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sex worker to a lawyer

Image: sex worker to a lawyer

As we celebrate International Women's Day, it is essential to recognize and appreciate the diverse roles that women play in society. One actor who exemplifies this celebration of diversity is Shriya Pilgaonkar.


Known for her nuanced, versatile performances, from portraying the life of a sex worker to stepping into the shoes of a lawyer, Shriya's strong roles on screen mirror the richness and complexity of women's experiences from all walks of life.

In 'Taaza Khabar,' Shriya brought nuance and sensitivity to the role of Madhu, a sex worker by shedding light on the struggles and resilience of women in marginalized professions whereas in her remarkable portrayal of a lawyer (Kashaf) in "Guilty Minds" she signifies empowerment and intellect. In "Dry Day," Shriya played Nirmala, a home-maker embodying a culturally rooted woman who is determined who stand up for her family whereas in "Broken News," her portrayal of Radha as a news reporter and Divya, a double agent in "Crackdown," Shriya exudes intelligence, confidence, and a balance of vulnerability and strength.

Shriya added, "As we celebrate International Women's Day, I want to express my gratitude to the universe for allowing me to acknowledge and honor the diversity of women from all walks of life through the wonderful characters I have had the opportunity to portray. Womanhood cannot be constrained by the barriers of what a woman does to earn a livelihood. As an actor, I enjoy exploring the diverse narratives of women, transcending stereotypes, and showcasing their innate strength, resilience, and beauty through each portrayal. Today I am richer in understanding people through my characters and also myself as a person. There is so much I have learned in the process of playing these women from different walks of life and I have a lot of respect for each individual who can strive through their circumstances and accept themselves in all their glory. “

In her remarkable journey as an actor through varied roles, Shriya Pilgaonkar has become a strong voice representing the diverse stories of women, championing more inclusive and appreciative portrayals of women in the world of cinema.

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