Justice Served: Woman Behind 'Parasite' Actor's Death Attempt Gets Detained for Blackmailing 350 MN

The woman behind the attempted murder of a "Parasite" actor has been detained for blackmailing 350 million won. Justice has been served for her criminal actions.

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Image Credits: Parasite

In a world where justice must often be fought for, it is always a great success when it prevails. Recent news has brought light to a case where justice has been rightfully served, and a woman behind a heinous crime has been brought to justice.


In late 2020, news broke of a female suspect who attempted to take the life of a famous actor from the highly acclaimed movie 'Parasite'. The actor in question was Lee Sun Kyun, who played the role of the wealthy father in the Oscar-winning film. The suspect, identified as only 'Ms. Choi', planned the attempted murder to gain financial benefits by blackmailing the actor's family.

Ms. Choi had been working as a domestic worker for the actor's family for a few years before the incident. It was discovered that she had been siphoning funds from the actor's bank account for her personal use. When her embezzlement was discovered, she planned the attack in an attempt to extort 350 million won (equivalent to around USD 310,000) from the family in exchange for keeping quiet about her financial crimes. Luckily, the plan was foiled, and the actor was not seriously harmed. However, the fact that someone could resort to such extreme measures for their financial gain is chilling.

Thanks to the diligent work of the police and the cooperation of the actor's family, Ms. Choi was arrested and charged with attempted murder and blackmail. The investigation revealed that she had been planning the attack for weeks and even went as far as to recruit an accomplice to carry out the act. The accomplice, a butcher by profession, was also arrested and charged for his involvement.


As the details of the case emerged, the public was filled with shock and outrage. The actor, who had brought joy and entertainment to so many through his work, was a victim of greed and manipulation. It was a terrifying reminder that anyone, no matter how successful or well-known, can fall victim to such crimes.

However, the recent development in the case has brought a sense of relief and justice to all. Ms. Choi, who had tried to bring harm to another human being for her gain, has been detained and will face the consequences of her actions. It is a reminder that no one is above the law, and those who commit such heinous crimes will be held accountable.

The attempted murder of Lee Sun Kyun is just one example of the dangers that celebrities and public figures face in their daily lives. Stalking, extortion, and other forms of harassment are all too common in the entertainment industry. It is, therefore, a victory not just for the actor, but for all individuals who are vulnerable to such crimes.


In the age of social media, it is easy for individuals to feel invincible and believe that their actions will have no consequences. However, this case serves as a reminder that justice will be served, and those who try to take advantage of others for their gain will be brought to justice.

The fact that justice has been served in this case is a small but significant step towards creating a safer and more just society. It is a reminder that we must all be vigilant and stand up against injustice and crimes of all forms. We must also have faith in the legal system and trust that those who commit such crimes will be punished accordingly.

In conclusion, the woman behind the attempted murder of 'Parasite' actor has been detained for her crimes, bringing relief to the victim and his family, as well as a sense of justice to the general public. It is a win for the legal system and a reminder that justice will always prevail. Let this serve as a message to all those who are tempted to break the law for personal gain – Justice will catch up to you.

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