Clear aligners vs lingual braces – which one should you go for?

Once upon a time, the only way to fix misaligned teeth was through traditional braces. Now times have changed and we have other, less noticeable ways to get a smile makeover. Two of the most popular of these options are clear aligners and lingual braces.

Once you’ve made up your mind about getting a smile makeover, the best option for you would depend on a bunch of factors including your lifestyle, budget, and other personal preferences. Let’s look at the main differences between both these types of braces to help you pick the right one.

What Exactly are Lingual Braces?

In orthodontic language, lingual means towards the tongue. Lingual braces work the same way as traditional metal braces except that they’re placed on the inside of the teeth instead of the outside. This is what makes these braces much more discreet than traditional braces.

What are Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners can be best described as transparent plastic trays that fit on top of your teeth, applying uniform pressure to bring teeth to the desired position. Since these aligners are transparent, they’re totally invisible and can cure a variety of orthodontic issues in the most discreet way. What makes these aligners a preferred option for most people is that they’re removable, making it easy for users to practice oral hygiene.

Now that you know what lingual braces and clear aligners are, let’s touch upon a few aspects to compare the two.

# 1 Appearance

Both clear aligners and lingual braces are more discreet than regular braces. However, clear aligners are typically less noticeable than lingual braces. This is because since lingual braces are made from metallic wires, they can be spotted from afar when you open your mouth wide enough.

Clear aligners on the other hand are totally transparent and can’t be spotted from a distance. This is what makes them an excellent option for people across age groups.

# 2 Convenience

Convenience is something that most people look for while choosing the right orthodontic treatment and clear aligners take the lead here as well. As mentioned above, clear aligners are removable. This means that they can be taken off whenever you need to.

So, whether you’re eating your favourite food or just brushing and flossing your teeth, your aligners would not come in the way.

# 3 Result

The most important aspect to consider while choosing an orthodontic treatment is the kind of results they provide. If you opt for clear aligners from trusted brands, you can get the desired results in 6-8 months.

This is much quicker than lingual braces that can take as long as 18 months to fix your orthodontic problem.

Your Way Forward

So, here you have it! These were some of the most important factors that you need to compare while choosing the right orthodontic treatment for you. Aside from these factors certain other aspects like lingual braces prices, treatment time, and comfort.

After comparing clear aligners and lingual braces, it’s clear that the former is the clear winner. That said, it’s important to go for a reliable clear aligners brand like toothsi. toothsi is one of the most well-known brands, offering seamless and efficient smile makeovers. toothsi aligners are built from FDA approved, CE certified, and highly resilient triple-layer TPU sheets, which make them totally safe and durable.

So, what are you waiting for? No more feeling conscious about your misaligned or underbite teeth! Visit the toothsi website and get your perfect solution today!


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