Jersey Review: Shahid Kapoor Lives the Character, Mrunal Thakur & Pankaj Kapoor Makes it a Must Watch | 4/5

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Jersey Review


Jersey Review: Another example we can count of "The Age is just a number." Jersey is the must watch movie among all the action-packed films running on the box office today.

Omicron scare: Shahid Kapoor's 'Jersey' theatrical release date postponed  due to new COVID-19 guidelines | Movies News | Zee News

After delaying the release twice cause of it’s own reasons Jersey starring Shahid Kapoor & Mrunal Thakur in the leads will release this Friday 22 April. Jersey is the remake of Telugu movie with the same title released in 2019.


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Shahid Kapoor (Arjun Talwar) in his own style, his own swag and his brilliant acting skills conquers the screen presence alongside Father Pankaj Kapoor (Madhav Sharma), Mrunal Thakur (Vidya Talwar) & Ronit Kamra (Karan Talwar) It just needed some extra ordinary people with amazing acting skills rest was already done with the story of film. It keeps us in the run thoroughly and involves audience with simply revealing without any glorifying turns.

Shahid Kapoor, Mrunal Thakur share excitement as Jersey finally gets its  release date; See PICS | PINKVILLA

Rightly said in the film, "this is not the story of that one person out of hundred who got succeed, this is the story of those 99 people who failed but still had courage to fight for the success." Starting from managing the children's daily schedules to smashing Ranji bowlers all over the stadium Arjun Talwar's character journey is truly amazing. He has done his roleplay surreally. As a 41-year-old Shahid Kapoor smoothly managed to play a sportsman and a mid-age father.

Jersey Cast, Release Date And Where To Watch

Making a remake is different and making a carbon copy remake is different. Jersey in Hindi is screen-to-screen copied from the original one. But it has its own flavour, the music & songs differentiates the most. Shahid Kapoor’s performance overshadows the original one & lastly the way the depth of the emotional scenes is shown is clearly the magic of the director and actors.


We can see Mrunal Thakur again in more of a supporting role but this time she makes it up to the mark that it doesn’t really look supportive; Vidya the only financial hand to manage the house is very ambitious and responsible. With deeply in love with Arjun she leaves everything behind and never regret it. she doesn’t really support the idea of Arjun’s comeback in cricket but again the reasons seem valid as a responsible wife.

A notable performance by Pankaj Kapoor in never seen such avatar is truly remarkable. He shares a great bond with Arjun and lives the character. Pankaj & Shahid Kapoor actually gives the Father-Son resemblance with their performances. Arjun’s character has been stylized a lot in his sport avatar, that’s too heroic for a under dog character. Whereas jersey takes us slowly to a better end they called it ‘happy ending,’ though it does get bitter at the ending.

Shahid Kapoor & Mrunal Thakur starrer Jersey serves fairly with the powerpacked performances & on point storyline. It tilts us into the emotions & solid sports film.



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