KGF 2 REVIEW: Yash Proves Why He's the Boss while Sanjay Dutt Steals Bloodthirsty Show

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KGF 2 Review


KGF 2 Review: Some tales are vicious, some are harsh & some are brutal, KGF chapter 2 is all of them whereas the mind-blowing performances makes it a real masterpiece. KGF CHAPTER 2 is the storytelling we want in today's cinema.


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Continuing from where it ended in chapter 1 Yash dashingly owns the screen space from his entry in the second part. The rocking star is the god, he is the show, he is the criminal, he is the businessman and yes, he's truly a national issue. He has cleared why he's the boss in the movie with his stellar performance against similar or more calibre of actors.

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On the other hand one of the most anticipated and designed villain, Adhira (Sanjay Dutt) is indeed a scary one. Sanjay Dutt has portrayed him so well that makes us forget he was our Munnabhai once. He's the death eater, he's the power, he's the terror; as his name's he's the Adhira, the strongest one.

Sanjay Dutt's 'Adheera' look from 'KGF 2' revealed | The News Minute

Prashant Neel has swiftly mounted the storyline & screenplay in the chapter two. He continues the story without forgetting the left strings from first part while touches and pulls each & every character equally. The maker tries to signify the emotional hand of this action thriller and manages to conclude it as a story of a brave Mother & her mighty son.


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Throughout the movie Rocky (Yash), fights with the people around and against him despite having full control over KGF. The up's and down's of Rocky are visible by his performance and character build-up while twists and turns are quite ignored with the hype of the suspences.

The first half is all about how Rocky conquers and take control on KGF while fighting with the problems and the people who are against him all over the India. Alongside he came ahead of scary force of Adhira which clearly over power Rocky and his reign. But without wasting time Rocky takes back whatever he lost and destroys Adhira in a quick succession.


In the second half, for the first time in KGF story a lady power enters and eats the show for everyone. Ramika Sen (Raveena Tondon) an another overhyped villaine of this story but not the same as she aims to end KGF and not just Rocky unlike others. Raveena Tondon justifies the character of a Lady Prime Minister of India which is powerful in herself but helpless in some manner.

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The music part of the movie never fails to lose its beat as it helps the built up get more stronger and introduce us to the beauty of amazing cinematography. On the other hand Reena (Srinidhi) makes portrayes her character impressively and in a simple manner. Eventually she becomes the body of story which no one imagined could be.

K.G.F: Chapter 2 - Official Teaser Trailer - video Dailymotion

Over all KGF CHAPTER 2 is the real beauty and glorifies the cinema in its manner. The hardwork took by the team and cast is clearly visible in the presentation. The directors vision and the way it is presented is what we can call a perfect implementation. By the way there's something else coming as well, chapter 3 we can say? Well we would like to keep you suspence. Follow PopDiaries for more EXCLUSIVE content.

Rating: 4/5

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