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EXCLUSIVE: Shahid Kapoor, “I Feel Success Which Comes a Bit Late Is Actually a Good Thing Because…”

When you get successful you get stuck and lose the mobility to adjust with the time,” Shahid Kapoor said on the trailer launch of his upcoming Jersey.

Shahid Kapoor’s Jersey released their Trailer 2 ahead of their release on April 14 in cinemas after 2 delays due to pandemic. The trailer looks really fantastic and promising as the story will be playing s huge role in the film’s overall aspect.

In the press conference after the trailer launch event Shahid Kapoor in his own style got candid with the media people and elaborates his thoughts on the film and its range.

Talking about the second trailer release Shahid says, “We never really thought we would make a second trailer it was difficult to make a first one, but I guess sometimes when the film is special it has enough material to make a second trailer. All thanks to Gowtam our director who solely handled the second trailer when everyone was clueless even the marketing team.”

Mrunal Thakur who will be seen as Vidya against Arjun (shahid Kapoor) in the movie opens up on her character;

“I’m loving the fact that all my characters have something in it rather than just being an actress, to be able to play a journalist, to be able to play a danger or a receptionist in this film. Vidya, the character has an identity of her own, she is independent and she is making sure that her family is financially stable. I really liked the evolution of writing female characters considering the Bollywood actresses.”

Jersey (2019) - IMDb

“Secondly standing in front of Shahid you end up with words and forgetting your lines, then there’s s scene where you have to slap him, in the next one you’ve to romance him. It’s kind of difficult and crazy.”

To our question which was about importance of timing in the career making and to make a shift in career, Shahid Kapoor reacted,

“One of my very close people from family said people who get success very early they are like very strong trees. But in stormy conditions these big trees get fall apart, whereas small trees get themselves adjust anyhow. This is the same thing about life when you get successful you get stuck and lose the mobility and flexibility to adjust with the time. I feel success which comes a bit late is actually a good thing cause you need to be a good person you need to learn something out of your journey, what would you do of the success if these things don’t happen?”

Jersey: Shahid Kapoor Shares New Poster, Announces Trailer Release Date

Jersey is releasing in cinemas from April 14, the film was delayed previously and will now clashing with most awaited KGF part 2. It would be a worth watching fight on the box office. Follow Ipopdiaries for more exclusive content.

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