Mahaan Movie Review – Vikram Electrifies The Gangster Drama With Brilliant Act

Mahaan has predictable father-son battle over good vs evil but what stand out is the style along with substance.

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Mahaan tells the story of a simple school teacher, Gandhi Mahaan (played by Vikram), who leads a boring and regular life. He is frustrated as he has just turned 40 and has not done anything which excites him. He wants to break away from the shackles and lead an adventures life. His life turns topsy-turvy when his wife and son abandons him which gives him a chance to live the way he wants. He soon partners with his childhood friend and become a liquor baron only to meet his son later, who has turned into a police officer and vows to bring down his father’s empire at any cost.

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Directed by Karthik Subbaraj (Pizza), Mahaan is like a bottle of wine which you will enjoy with each and every sip as you will get involved in the film with diverse characters that entertains you right to the core. The movie begins with a bang thanks to the powerful performance of Vikram who can do anything with his expression, style and attitude. The movie diverts from making of a liquor baron to a desperate father who is excited to meet his son and there begins the clash between father and son.

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While the screenplay and writing keeps you engaged, the length of the film and unnecessary inclusion of songs breaks the momentum which otherwise would have made it an amazing film. Also, Simran’s character could have been given more weightage considering she had a meaty role to play in the film. However, the beautiful art direction and astonishing camera work by Shreyaas Krishna transforms you the world of 1990-2010 era along with superb background score by Santhosh Narayanan.

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Mahaan is enhanced with a very good characters performances. Vikram steals the show and performs the role as it was tailor-made for him. He is one of the finest actors in India and he proves it yet again with a brilliant show. Ditto for Dhruv who plays his son, Bobby Simha as Sathyavan and Sanath as Rocky who brings value to the gangster drama.

Overall, Mahaan has style and substance which gives it an edge. Go for it – Good 3/5.

The gangster drama is produced by Seven Screen Studio and is currently streaming on Amazon prime.


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