Table 21

8 Years Of Table No. 21 – A Taut-Mystery Thriller With Versatile Performance

Pop Diaries recommends Table No. 21, a taut thriller with superb climax that will make you feel pity but also makes it an endearing watch.

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Some times you get a surprise from unexpected films especially if it boast off strong screenplay, enduring performances and a good message. Table No. 21 tells the story of a A couple whose 5th wedding anniversary vacation goes horribly wrong when they decide to play a game called Table No. 21 with a restaurant owner who promises to pay them 21 crores if they manage to win the game. However, as they play the game, mystery unfolds and reveals the ultimate truth which will impact their lives.

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Director Aditya Datt (Ashiq Banaya Apne) Table No. 21 completely surprises you especially if you are not expecting much from this movie. The story of playing a live-game has been witnessed before in movie LUCK but this was well-directed, well written and well-acted as well. The movie starts off with usual romantic stuff but gets to the point directly and keeps you engrossed till the actual drama unfolds. But main twist is in the end which is the highlight of the film and you will know who is the main culprit here. Credit goes to the director for handling the thriller quite well. Acknowledgement for screenplay as well.

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Dialogues are good. Story is awesome. Songs are just about OK. Background score is nice. Cinematography is good. Performances by Rajeev Khandelwal and Paresh Rawal are brilliant. Both of them enact their part with conviction. Paresh Rawal surprises you with his versatile act. Initially, you will hate him for the heinous crime he inflicts on the couple but later you will empathize with his character and that is where he will win over your heart.

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Table No. 21 which is edgy , engrossing , well-directed coupled with superb performances and lovely twist at the end. Table No. 21 also did well at the box office collecting Rs 12 crore (approx) against a budget of Rs 8.50 crore.


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