Minnal Murali Review - Best Superhero Film Of India

By Ketan
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Minnal Murali

Finally we have got the best superhero film in India, Minnal Murali, that perfectly fits the genre with its thrilling and definitely a ground- breaking and never seen before CGI on Indian screen.


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Minnal Murali is the coming-of-age story of Jaison (Tovino Thomas), a local village tailor, who gets struck by lightning and is transformed into a super hero. Well, this isn't simple as it sounds. There is another person from his village who gets the thunder bolt at the same time as Jaison, only become the super villain who plans to take on the entire village as he looses the love of his life.


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There has been few super heroes film made in India like Krrish, Bhavesh Joshi, A Flying Jatt, Ra.One, Mr. India, Mard Ko Dard Nahi Hota etc. Except for last two and to some extent Bhavesh Joshi, others could not invoke the emotion of a perfect superhero flick with shabby visual effects, bad editing and over-the-top screenplay. Directed by Basil Joseph, Minnal Murali is a welcome change, an all-rounder superhero film that Indian audience has been looking to where the superhero focuses on his special power to fight off the supervillain to save his village. Hats off to Basil Joseph as he did a solid job and turned this comic-story into an enjoyable fun ride. The introduction of each superhero is astounding as both hero and villain characters realizes their power which has been portrayed ecstatically. First half boast off some path-breaking action sequences, especially the climax fighting which is well executed. Screenplay is good along with the punching dialogues. Cinematography is enthralling. The CGI is magnificent with thrilling visual effects supported by electrifying background. On the flip side, the editing could have been managed along with the length of the film.



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Minnal Murali is enhanced with a very good characters performances. Tovino Thomas in dual role steals the show and performs exceptionally well as it was tailor-made for him. Ditto for Guru Somasundaram who also gets struck by lightning and gains superpowers. Watch for him as he breaks into tears when his lady love accepts his proposal.

Overall, Minnal Murali is probably the best super hero drama ever to come out in Indian Cinema which gives a knockout performance. Fantastic 4/5.


The boxing drama is produced by Weekend Blockbusters and is currently streaming on Netflix

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