Unbelievable : Now Children can also apply for Vaccination from January 1 :

Children can get vaccinated

Children in India will be Vaccinated with one of the 2 shots either Bharat Biotech’s Double Dose Covaxin or Zydus Cadila’s 3 Dose ZyCov-D. Children between 15-18 can register for covid vaccine from January 1 using their school I’d cards , the government said .

They have to do it on the cowon app.Corona Virus is increasing day by day , the rate of risk of people’s lives is on an all time high. The number of covid cases in Delhi has expanded on a big level. In one day delhi has the Highest number of cases from the past 6 months.

Not only covid but the risk of Omicron is also there . But the good thing is that recent study has shown that omicron won’t make people get hospitalized that much as it’s previous strains did and the need for oxygen due it will also be low .

However we cannot take it lightly as it is still capable of taking someone’s life as corona virus . The best way to stop it from spreading is to use the 2 out of 3 rules . Where 3 is the number of layers of protection.

The 3 layers of protection are getting vaccinated, wearing mask and taking covid test .Scientists suggest that out of the 3 atleast you should have 2 layers of protection before going out of your home .

Also the mask which you are using you should avoid using cloth mask and wear branded masks and wear cloth mask only if it is made up of 2-3 layers of cloth .In order to fulfill the layer of protection, getting vaccinated is very important, so to do that they can fulfill the layers of protection against the virus .

Cowin chief Ra Sharma told news agency ANI that an additional slot had been created on the online platform so students and children could use their I’d card to register their shots.

The Drug controller has cleared that Serum Institute’s Novavax for trails on kids between 7 and 11 of age and biological corbevax for trails on children above 5.

unfortunately some of the parents have started the trend of not allowing their child to get vaccinated but this trend is not only harmful for them and their child but also for other children around their child . Not getting vaccinated will forever keep their child in the dangers of Covid and will also not allow them to safely move them from one place to other .


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