Shocking: Snake in Amazon Package & Dead Rat in Hershey's Syrup: Watch

Recently, two videos have gone viral on social media, one where a couple finds snake in their Amazon package and another where a customer finds a dead rat in Hershey's syrup bottle.

By Dhwani Joshi
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A couple from Bangaluru had ordered an Xbox controller from Amazon, but shockingly they received a snake in the package on Sunday. The viral  video of the couple, both software engineers went viral on social media, where the package is kept in the basket, and the cobra is stuck to the packaging tape and is trying to get out. 


Amazon even responded to the viral video on the Social Media Platform X, "We're sorry to know about the inconvenience you've had with the Amazon order. We'd like to have this checked. Please share the required details here, and our team will get back to you soon with an update."

The couple even claimed that Amazon's customer support put them on hold for over two hours which forced them to handle the situation by themselves in the middle of night. Reportedly, Amazon has refunded the full amount, but the couple have raised questions about the risk to their lives due to the site’s negligence and poor supervision.

Watch here: 


Another Video has gone Viral on Social Media where a family discovered a dead mouse from the Hershey’s syrup bottle that they ordered from Zepto. The video comes days after a doctor found a human finger in an ice cream cone ordered online.

The viral video shows the family emptying the syrup bottle in a cup and notices something in the chocolate syrup. To figure out what it is, they run it under tap water, and realise it is a dead mouse. The video was shared on Instagram by Prami Sridhar who also said three family members consumed the syrup before noticing the dead mouse, and that one of them had to get a medical examination done.


Hershey’s responded to the viral video saying, “Hi there, we are very sorry to see this. Please send us the UPC and manufacturing code from the bottle to [email protected] with the reference number 11082163 so one of our team members can assist you!”

Watch Viral Video Here: 



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