Know About GenZ: Unveiling a Glimpse into Their Digital World!

India's Gen Z: Technology-savvy, social media influencers, embracing online learning. A digital revolution trend shaping their lifestyle and aspirations.

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In a rapidly evolving technological landscape, India's Generation Z is at the forefront of digital transformation. As per TCS Youth Survey, a comprehensive study capturing the digital habits of 12-18-year-olds, sheds light on the tech-driven preferences and behaviours of this dynamic demographic.


Smart Tech for Smart Teens

Smartphones reign supreme, coveted by 83% of teenagers. Interestingly, desktops and laptops remain the go-to devices for internet access (44%), closely trailing smartphones (43%).

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Education and Aspirations

Debunking myths, a higher percentage of girls (53%) express interest in pursuing professional courses compared to boys (48%).


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Shift to Online Learning

Gen Z embraces online learning, with 21% utilizing video chat for new hobbies and 20.5% for school assignments. This shift signifies the growing popularity of DIY and collaborative learning.


Sudden Shift: Reflections on Online Learning - AMLE

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Online Lifestyle


A significant 26% spend at least an hour online daily, with 27% responding to notifications within 5 minutes. Parental monitoring is prevalent, with 49% keeping an eye on online activities.

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Social Media Dominance


Facebook takes the lead in social media engagement (86%), followed by Google+ (65%). Boys emerge as more active online participants, showcasing a penchant for platforms like Twitter, particularly in following sports personalities (45%).

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WhatsApp as the Instant Messaging King

WhatsApp emerges as the favoured instant messaging platform (71%), surpassing traditional SMS (12%).

WhatsApp crosses half-a-billion user mark; strong growth in India and  Brazil | Technology News - The Indian Express

Twitterati and Online Influencers

Twitter has gained popularity, especially among teen boys (45%). The survey reveals that 59% of teens follow sports personalities, emphasizing the influence of online platforms in shaping their interests.

Survey: More Than Half of Gen-Z Wants to be Influencers

Traditional Media Resilience

TV and newspapers maintain their dominance as primary news sources (79%), with Facebook links (38%) and online sources (34%) following.

Gen Z and millennials get their news from the paper, and Nextdoor

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Preferential Face-to-Face Communication

Despite their digital immersion, face-to-face communication remains the preferred mode among friends (40%).

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E-commerce Enthusiasts

An impressive 87% of respondents shop online, with electronic gadgets (57%), books (50%), and clothes (37%) topping their digital shopping lists.

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The TCS GenZ Survey 2015-16 unveils the intricate digital tapestry of India's young minds, showcasing their adaptability and integration of technology into various facets of their lives. As the nation witnesses this tech-savvy generation redefine norms, it prompts reflection on the evolving landscape of education, communication, and lifestyle choices in contemporary India.

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