Celebrate the Vibrancy of Season with THESE Summer Festivals in India!

Experience like never before that too in our own India, add these places mentioned below to your bucket list. Plan your visit according to their respective periods. Explore India's Summer Festivals, from north, south to the island. Checkout listicle below

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As the temperature rises, India comes alive with a myriad of colourful and culturally rich festivals. From the regal landscapes of Rajasthan to the lush hills of Tamil Nadu, these festivals offer a unique blend of tradition, artistry, and joy. Here are some top summer festivals that promise an unforgettable experience:


Mount Abu Summer Festival (13th May to 15th May, 2023)

Experience the charm of Rajasthan's only hill station, Mount Abu, during this two-day festival celebrating the city's traditions and culture. Enjoy folk dances, ballads, boat races at Nakki Lake, CRPF band shows, fireworks, and more.

Information Mount Abu Summer Festival Rajasthan | RJ Tourism


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Ooty Summer Festival (13th May to 29th May, 2023)

Revel in the 'Queen of the Hills,' Ooty, with a festival that showcases vibrant culture, floral sculptures, and contemporary floral artistry. Explore Ooty's lifestyle through rose shows, fruit shows, flower shows, and spice shows.


Ooty Summer Festival 2019 - Indian Panorama

Shimla Summer Festival (May or June)

Dive into the festive spirit in the scenic Shimla, where 10 days are dedicated to music, fashion shows, flower exhibitions, and sports activities. Renowned artists grace the stage, offering a perfect blend of warmth and joy to welcome the summer.


Coming full circle : The Tribune India

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International Flower Festival Sikkim (May)


Immerse yourself in the floral wonders of Gangtok during this festival, featuring orchids, roses, cacti, and more. Attend seminars on botany, indulge in local cuisine, and participate in adventurous activities like river rafting and hiking.

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Yercaud Summer Festival (25th May to 1st June 2023)


Discover the charm of the 'poor man's Ooty' in Tamil Nadu, Yercaud, during this six-day festival with dog shows, flower displays, and a 3D art installation. Explore hiking trails, Kiliyur Falls, and Karadiyur View Point for a complete nature experience.

Salem: 46th Edition Of Yercaud Summer Festival Off To A Colourful Start |  Coimbatore News - Times of India

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Hemis Festival, Ladakh

Witness the two-day celebration in the mesmerizing Hemis Monastery, marking the birth anniversary of Guru Padamsambhav. Enjoy the Chham dance, devil dances, handicraft exhibitions, and local drink Chang, showcasing the victory of good over evil.

Festivals in India: What's behind the masks in Leh's Hemis Festival?

Bhumchu Festival, Sikkim

Experience the picturesque beauty of Sikkim during the Bhumchu festival, celebrating the discovery of a sacred vase in the Tashiding Monastery. Attend the opening and closing ceremonies, where monks predict forecasts for the year ahead.

Bumchu Festival Sikkim 2020 | Sikkim Tourism

Moatsu Festival, Nagaland

Join the Ao tribe in Nagaland for the Moatsu Festival, celebrating a bountiful harvest and the onset of spring. Witness songs, dances, feasts, and rituals expressing joy and gratitude.

Moatsu Festival - Nagaland - Tamarind Global

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Chithirai Festival, Tamil Nadu

Be a part of one of Tamil Nadu's grandest celebrations, the Chithirai Festival, highlighting the wedding of Lord Shiva and Goddess Meenakshi. Experience the vibrant processions, cultural events, and the grand wedding ceremony inside the Madurai temple.

Events & Festivals in India | A Ministry of Tourism Initiative

As summer unfolds, these festivals offer a diverse tapestry of cultural experiences, making them must-attend celebrations for locals and tourists alike.

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