South Korea holds a Unique ‘Space Out’ Competition: Read More

News: Recently, South Korea held its annual Space Out competition where participants have to sit and do nothing for 90 minutes without falling asleep or talking.

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Recently, more than hundred people gathered in Seoul with their yoga mats to participate in the annual Space Out competition. The participants have to sit and zone out and do nothing for 90 minutes without falling asleep, talking or using their phones.


In contrast to Korea’s fast paced life combines physical endurance, and art of stillness and silence and provides the people with a break from the constant hustling.

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Participants’ heart rates are monitored, and the onlookers vote for their 10 favourite contestants and whoever has the most stable heart rate among the 10 takes home the trophy


Among the participants was speed skater Kwak Yoon-gy, a double Olympic silver medalist, who placed third in this competition. He said, “I tried out for the Olympics five times and have never taken a proper rest while training for 30 years,” He added,“I heard this place is where I can clear my mind and rest at least during this time, so I came here thinking, ‘Wow, this is what I needed so much.’”

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Over 4,000 people applied to participate in the competition that was hosted by the city government. The 117 contestants selected ranged from a child in second grade to people in their 60s. Many saw the event as a way to recover from burnout and stress due to South Korea’s fast paced life.


The Space-out competition was founded by a visual artist, Woopsyang, after she suffered severe burnout. Since the first competition was held in Seoul in 2014, it has expanded to various cities such as Beijing, Rotterdam, Taipei, Hong Kong and Tokyo.



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