Netizens React To Ariana Grande Finding New Love With Wicked Costar Ethan Slater Post Seperation From Dalton

Pop culture fans were buzzing as news broke of Ariana Grande allegedly finding love with her Wicked costar Ethan Slater, shortly after her separation from Dalton Gomez. Netizens had mixed reactions to this new romance.

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Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande, the renowned pop star, has once again sparked the interest and curiosity of her fans. After her highly publicized separation from ex-fiancé Dalton Gomez, rumors are circulating that she has found a new love interest in Broadway actor Ethan Slater, who starred alongside her in the production of Wicked. Netizens across the globe have taken to social media platforms to express their opinions on this newfound romance. Let's delve into the thoughts and reactions of the online community.


The Celebration of New Beginnings

Many fans expressed their happiness and excitement about Ariana's potential new relationship. They celebrated her moving on from her previous heartbreak and finding love again. Netizens flooded social media with heartfelt congratulations and well wishes for the couple, hoping for their happiness and continued success in both their personal and professional lives.

The Unexpected Duo


Some netizens couldn't help but marvel at the surprising pairing of Ariana and Ethan. As both have established themselves in different corners of the entertainment industry, fans found the idea of their union intriguing and unique. They shared their opinions on how their diverse backgrounds might complement each other, anticipating a creative and harmonious connection between the two.

Doubts and Skepticism

Of course, not all reactions were positive. A portion of  netizens expressed skepticism and reservation about the authenticity and longevity of this supposed romance. Some questioned whether it was a genuine relationship or simply a publicity stunt, given their shared professional involvement in Wicked. Though their concerns were understandable, many users urged others not to jump to conclusions and instead give the couple a chance to prove themselves.


Speculation on Musical Collaborations

Given  Ariana and Ethan's shared theatrical background, many fans couldn't help but speculate about potential musical collaborations between the two artists. The possibility of seeing them perform together, either in a new project or on stage, excited fans, who eagerly shared their hopes and fantasies about a musical masterpiece that could result from their partnership.

Reminiscing on Past Relationships


A few netizens used this news as an opportunity to reminisce about Ariana's past relationships. Here, debates unfolded, discussing how her previous romantic involvements might have influenced her music and performance styles. Some compared her exes' impacts on her songs and questioned whether Ethan would bring a fresh perspective to her work, thus reigniting her creative fire in a new way. 

As news broke of Ariana Grande's new love interest, Ethan Slater, netizens, were quick to voice their thoughts and feelings on social media. While many celebrated the singer's newfound happiness and eagerly anticipated potential collaborations between the two, others expressed skepticism or engrossed themselves in discussions about her past relationships. This online discourse illustrates the public's ongoing fascination with the personal lives of celebrities and the impact it has on their careers.

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