Mumbai Police Heighten Security Measures in Response to Serial Bomb Threats!

News: Mumbai on high alert after serial bomb threats. Police intensify security measures and investigate, urging public cooperation.

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The city of Mumbai is on high alert following a series of alarming bomb threats. The Mumbai Traffic Police Control Room received a threatening message around 12:30 am on February 2, asserting the presence of strategically placed bombs at six different locations in the financial capital. In response, Mumbai Police have initiated intensive security measures and launched a thorough investigation to trace the source of the ominous message.


This incident comes in the wake of previous bomb threats received via email on January 6 at Chattrapati Shivaji Vastu Sangrayala in Colaba and Nehru Science Centre in Worli. Despite the alarming emails claiming the presence of explosive devices, inspections by the Bomb Detection and Disposal Squad (BDDS) and the Mumbai Police's dog squad revealed no signs of any suspicious items. Subsequently, cases have been filed against unidentified individuals responsible for sending these false threats, underscoring the serious consequences of such alarming messages.

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The Mumbai police are actively working to address the current bomb threat, with the crime branch and Maharashtra ATS (Anti-Terrorism Squad) intensifying efforts to track down the sender. The threat has prompted heightened security measures across the city, emphasizing the police's commitment to ensuring the safety and security of its residents.


A case has been registered under Indian Penal Code section 505(2), which deals with statements creating or promoting enmity, hatred, or ill-will between classes. The authorities are urging citizens to remain vigilant, report any suspicious activity, and cooperate with the ongoing investigations. As the situation develops, the Mumbai Police are committed to keeping the public informed and ensuring a swift resolution to the security concerns that have gripped the city.





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